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Bangla newspaper performs a vital role in the context of the world because more than 265 million people in the world speak in Bengali. The Bangladeshi newspaper brings out all kinds of information like national issues of Bangladesh, political, economic, traditions of Bangladesh, Cultures, etc. Bangladeshi people should read Bengali newspapers to know more about the country and to grow their patriotic feelings. Bangladeshi people reside in almost all countries globally, and more than 2.4 million Bangladeshis live permanently abroad.

Bengali is the official language of the people's republic of Bangladesh. India is a large country where Hindi is the country's first language and Bengali is in second place. When we compare on the world level, we find that Bengali takes place fifth. So, it is clear that many people reside worldwide and the Bengali newspaper's popularity is not less than any other language paper. The leading Bangladeshi newspapers are The Daily Prothom Alo, The Bangladesh Pratidin, The Daily Ittefaq, The Jugantor, The Kalerkantho, The Daily Samakal, The daily Manab Zamin, The Daily Janakantha etc.

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Read bangla newspappers epaper from anywhere. Get the replica of daily print version online. E-paper is basically an online publication. Any one can read Bangla epaper in online as like as printed hard copy.

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In the digital age, Bangla Online Newspaper performs a vital role in getting breaking news, updated news of the country, and worldwide. On the other hand, we are very busy in our various activities of daily life and get very little time to see printed newspapers. We have to take many vital decisions shortly in politics, trade & commerce, national issues. In this regard, breaking news is very urgent to get on a computer, laptop or even Android phone.

Bangla Online News Portals gives us these facilities to get breaking news of Bangladesh and all over the universe within seconds. You can fix the show bookmark on the laptop of your chosen online Bangla papers without searching again and again.

There are many online Bangla newspapers like,,,,,,,, and more. These are famous and continuously serving us. So, don’t delay choosing your online newspapers and keep yourself updated.

All Bangladeshi English Newspapers

English newspapers are very essential to know information from all over the world because effective communication will make you proficient in all professions. In the digital age, the world has become smaller and a common language is necessary to increase trade & commerce, relationships in politics, treatment, education, entertainment, etc. All Bangladeshi English Newspapers bring out all kinds of info such as national issues, international issues, regional, Educational matter, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Religion, Health& Fitness, Games & sports, etc.

All Bangladeshi English Newspapers are The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune, Daily Sun, The Financial Express, The Independent, New Age, The Daily Observer, The Asian Age, The New Nation, The Business Standard, The News Today, etc.

So, go through all Bangladeshi English newspapers to be acquainted with Bangladesh and the world and develop in every field of life.

All Bangla TV Channels News

Television is part and parcel of our life. There are 34 TV channels in Bangladesh and among them, 30 are privately owned and four are government-owned. Bangladesh started television signal broadcasting in 1964 under Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) in Dhaka. It was renamed Bangladesh Television (BTV) after the liberation war in 1971 and had an essential monopoly before 1990.

The advantages of television are to entertain, motivate, influence, instruct and educate the people. Bangladesh TV channels play a vital role in national issues, political issues, Games & Sports, Entertainment etc. Other essential functions of television are to uphold the country’s cultures, traditions, inventions, discoveries, heritages, customs, practices, religious values, grievances of the general public etc. Millions of Bangladeshi reside in many parts of the world and can see satellite TV channels of Bangladesh to know more about Bangladesh. The top 10 televisions channels are Channels I, Somoy News, NTV BD, Channel 24 BD, Ekattor TV, Ekushe TV, RTV, ATN Bangla, Mashranga TV, Desh TV.

All Regional Newspapers

Local newspapers are essential in a country, and Bangladeshi newspapers are also vital in politics, economic, democracy, health, etc. The national papers mainly focus on national and international issues. It is essential to engage people of all professions and all communities to develop the country. Bangladeshi local newspapers perform a very vital role in various political, national, economic issues.

Numerous accidents, corruptions, and political polarizations happen in the local area, and it is tough for the administration to know details without local papers. The local papers bring out core information of any incident from the field that helps the government understand facts and meet up any issue. There are local papers in every district in the country. Some Bangladeshi local newspapers are Dainik Azadi, Dainik Purbokone, Amader Comilla, Dainik Purbanchal, Daily Karatoa, Daily Sylhet, Daily Sylhet, Kuakata News, etc.

All Bangla Share Bazar Newspapers

Share market is very important that shows the economic development of a nation. You will find every matter of share Bazar of Dhaka Stock Exchange & Chittagong Stock Exchange in all Bangla Share Bazar Newspapers. There is various share related news such as market trend, market analysis, financial position of relevant companies, portfolio, upcoming new share in the market, company-related factors, investor sentiment, current events, natural calamities, Exchange rate, Government policies, interest rate & inflation, Economic numbers, stock news, share news live, etc.

All Bangla Share Bazar newspapers are, Arthosuchok,, Sharebiz, daily Bonik Barta,, Puzibazar, Orthosangbad,, Biniogbarta, share business, Prothom Alo, Samakal, Bangla Tribune,, etc.You will also find share bazaar news of various countries of the world in all Bangla share bazaar newspapers. So, read all Bangla share bazaar newspapers to be updated regarding share bazaar news. You can find all information using your desktop, laptop, or even your Android phone at any time and from anywhere in the world.

All West Bengal Newspapers (Kolkata)

Indian Bangla Newspapers are essential in Indian national, political, social, trade & commerce issues. The Bengali language is regarded as the second most outspoken language in India and about 8% of people, which means 97 million people speak in Bengali. Most of the Bengalis are living in West Bengal, Tripura, Assam. A large number of people of Bangladesh and India are living in various countries of the world. In the digital age, everyone can know all information about one another by reading a newspaper on the internet.

Bangladeshi people are very interested in going through the Bengali papers of India. In the same way, the Indian and Bengali speaking people worldwide naturally give attention to the dailies of Bangladesh. Almost all newspapers are found on the internet and we can participate in various comments and send content to the dailies regarding numerous essential issues. The important and most circulated papers are in India are Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman, Ganashokti, Sangbad Pratidin, Azkal, the telegraph, the stateman, Eisomoy, Ganadabi etc.

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Bangla Newspaper | List of All Bangladesh Newspapers 2024 – BD News

Bangla Newspaper plays a vital role for all Bangladeshi people and not only Bangladeshi who speak in Bangla and especially those who are staying abroad.

The number of readers is increasing day by day. Not only the corporate professional and high standard level people are reading the newspaper, nowadays people of all professional like shopkeeper, housewife, cobbler, technician, footpath hawker, and tea Staller are also reading the newspaper when they get a little time. The newspapers also cover the news of all people.

The newspaper not only gives news, but they also have a positive role in the pursuit of knowledge, public opinion formation, politics, nationally and internationally. Reading newspapers changes lifestyle and food habits also. It is the reflection of the modern world and so it is part of modern civilized life.

There are different newspapers in Bangladesh. Among them, some are printed, and some are online versions. Newspapers are published from the capital city of Dhaka, and some are from regional cities such as Barishal, Chattogram, Khulna, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Rangpur, and Sylhet. Among them, most of the newspapers are morning editions. The newspapers published in Bangladesh are in Bangla and English.
There are large Bangla newspapers and Bangla Magazine published from Kolkata.

What is is working as a very well-known news media directory for the Bengali news readers of Bangladesh and Kolkata, especially those who are staying abroad. Visiting this directory, you will get all the latest Bangla news of national and international.

It will help you to find the most popular Bangla and English newspapers. Here you will find not only daily newspapers, but you will also find the news of weekly newspapers, online news portals, Bangla TV channels, FM radio, jobs websites, magazines, and more. You can read the latest bd news from anywhere in the world; just go to the website of

The Benefits of reading newspapers

A newspaper contains news from different parts of the world, and it may be on different topics like politics, sports, entertainment, business, education, culture, and many more. It covers the opinions and editorial columns, weather forecasts, political cartoons, crosswords, public notice.

Updated News:

The world is becoming smaller day by day due to internet facilities all over the world.

All Bangla newspaper provides us with all breaking news and headline news within a few moments. We don’t have to wait for hours to get the latest information all around us and worldwide. All the newspapers on the website are in the online edition. As a result, we can easily and very comfortably get all updated news from the paper’s online edition. Its management continuously updates the website.

Job opportunity:

There are many job opportunities in the newspapers, and it is essential to apply for jobs at an accurate time and if failed, no one can apply and find a scope to sit in interviews. So, getting job alerts in due time is a must. All Bangla newspaper helps us to get the job alerts in due time as it always updates its website.

Business scope:

The businessmen try to get updated the business reports, economic reports of home and abroad because their commercial mostly depends on it. The entrepreneurs who are very much conscious about it may be gained more than others. Almost every paper has a business page. It covers up trade information, share bazar, government’s rules and regulation concerning commercial etc. all kinds of tender notices are found in the paper. So, its necessary to have a speedy marketable bulletin in due time. The website is useful to five all announcements of this matter.

Improve vocabulary and learning skills:

We have to face numerous problems in reading and writing in our professional life and analyzing paper, and we can be more experts in vocabulary and learning. The daily newspaper is very much important for the students and kids. They gather general information as well as learn a lot from it. Students who are habituated to reading newspapers in the early stage of life can proficiently improve their vocabulary and fluency skills, which may benefit their entire lives. They also become an active and responsible citizen in their professional life.

Sustain democracy:

A democratic country cannot sustain itself without the appropriate info of the government and general people. Sometimes government imposes rules and regulations upon the countrymen and public sentiment may be against government and administration also need to know the sentiment of the overall society. The newspaper works as a bridge between the two. The people can expose voice against authority and take steps to amend the rules and regulations if possible.

Up to date news for Politics:

Lots of things are happening all around us and all over the world. We are very much crazy to get all information about politics in Bangladesh and the whole universe. We can find news of national politics and world politics very instantly. All Bangla newspaper website is always ready for its visitors to serve all news including political issue.

Research work:

The students of colleges or universities have to undergo many research works for the projects assigned to them. Most of the topics and articles are discovered from news reports, content, and articles. So, it’s essential to complete research work with the help of a newspaper. BD All Bangla newspaper .com opens the door to do such difficult effort for the students.

Daily activities:

Modern life cannot think even a single day without proper information in proper time. We have so many problems in our daily life such as education, Health & Fitness, General knowledge, Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Career news, Lost & found, Public notice etc. are published in the paper that are related in our daily life and we can get everything visiting through the

Top 10 Newspapers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of historical interests. It has many histories in its liberation and even more. The people of Bangladesh love literature and current affairs very much. There is an impact of newspapers in the history of Bangladesh. There are hundreds and even thousands of newspapers in dailies and weeklies and also magazines and tabloids. Among them, we will somewhat discuss the top 10 newspapers of Bangladesh.

1. Bangladesh Protidin

Bangladesh Pratidin is a very popular and highest circulated newspaper in Bangladesh. The newspapers started their journey in 2010. The editor of Bangladesh Pratidin is Naem Nizam and the publisher is Moynul Hossein Chowdhury. Eastwest Media Group Ltd is the owner of Bangladesh Pratidin and a sister concern of Bashundhara Group. About 345 newspapers are circulated from Dhaka and among them, Bangladesh Pratidin is the highest circulated newspaper, but the daily star is the top highest circulated English newspaper. The daily circulation of Bangladesh Pratidin is about 5.53 lakh of printed copies.

2. The Daily Prothom Alo

In terms of circulation, the daily Prothom Alo is the second highest and near about Bangladesh Pratidin. Mainly Bangladesh Pratidin and the Daily Prothom Alo are two parallel newspapers in Bangladesh in circulation. There are about half a million people who read out the daily Prothom Alo printed page. It was established in 1998 and it publishes in Dhaka and Headquarters also in Dhaka. The stories covered in the Daily Prothom Alo represented the Bangladeshi culture. There is something different in the Daily Prothom Alo and they cover something that is not part of newspapers and makes the newspapers more popular. It publishes in a printed and online format.

3. The Daily Ittefaq

The Daily Ittefaq is also a top-ranking selling newspaper in Bangladesh. It was founded 9in 1953. It is a very old one and serving the nation for more than half a century. The first time it was weekly newspapers and later on, it was transforming into a daily edition.

As an old one, it covers the news of the Bangladesh Liberation war and has covered much news and served the nation at the time of the liberation war. The mass people like the newspapers for their coverage of various types of news items. The newspapers give something special and that is why the masses people like it. It ensures that there is something to read for every class of people. If you want to go very deep, you can do as well and this rare combination makes it a favorite one.

4. The Daily Janakantha

It has about 20 years of history in providing the news and views of the general public.

It is providing all types of news for the general people. It provides news on printed and online edition which is read by all over the globe. The newspaper has a speciality in that it covers news in good and detailed coverage. All types of news are presented after deep research and investigation. The readers like this specialty. It also ensures the articles are unbiased and balanced and that is why liked by the mass people.

5. The Daily Jugantor

The daily Jugantor is also a very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It also publishes in Dhaka. This newspaper is very popular, especially in rural areas of Bangladesh. There are some special features in these newspapers like Protimoncho, Tara Jhilmil, and Ghore Baire, which are very popular. It publishes online editions too. The newspaper won the heart of the general people due to its depth of news. It allows the readers to get the flavour of the print edition online. Instead of taking the traditional role, it keeps reinventing itself to stay a step more than other newspapers. It is always duty-bound to satisfy readers’ thirst for different kinds of information and entertainment. As a result, the popularity of the Daily Jugantor is increasing day by day.

6. Kaler Kantho

Kaler Kantho is another popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It is also another enterprise of Eastweat Media Group Ltd, the sister concern of Bashundhara Group. The other media concern of Bashundhara Group is the Bangladesh Pratidin, the daily sun, the news24, the Radio Capital, and Banglanews24. Kaler Kantho is one of the favourite newspapers in Bangladesh who put the strongest panel of journalists and put their hands together to reveal the facts of any incident. Kaler Kantho was established in 2010 and the editor of is Imdadul Haq Milan and the publisher is Maynal Hossain Chowdhury.

7. The Daily Inqilab

The Daily Inqilab is a Bangla newspaper that always brings the latest bangle news online. It covers the news of Politics, Economics, National, International, Entertainment, and many more. It’s a daily Bengali newspaper and its owner is Inqilab Publications. The political alignment of the Daily Inqilab is liberal. It was founded in 1986 and the publisher is A M M Bahauddin. The headquarter of the newspaper is in Dhaka.

8. The Daily Naya Diganta

The Nayadiganta is the most fundamentalist newspaper of Bangladesh. This newspaper is a part of Diganta Media corporation owned by Mir Quasem Ali, a politician of Jamat e Islami Bangladesh.

The Diganta TV, a television channel, is also a sister concern of the newspaper. It is widely known as the anti-communist newspaper in Bangladesh. Its office is in Dhaka and Diganta Media corporation publishes this newspaper. It was founded in 2004.

9. The daily Samakal

The daily Samakal is a Bengali language daily newspaper published in Dhaka. It started its journey in 2005. The printed circulation of the Daily Samakal is about 200000 copies daily. It always brings the latest news, breaking news, headlines from Bangladesh and around the world. It covers all types of news such as Capitalism, Economy, Business, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyles, Science, Technology, and many more.

Mustafiz Shafi is working as acting editor of the newspaper after the death of renowned founder-editor Golam Sarwar. The owner of the paper is Times Media Ltd, a concern of Hameem Group.

10. The Daily Manab Zamin

The Daily Manab Zamin is a major daily tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh. It is the largest Bengali tabloid newspaper and pageviews online, with about 1.6 million visitors from 189 countries. It was founded in 1997. The publisher is Mahbuba Chowdhury and the editor in chief is Matiur Rahman Chowdhury.

It is a very popular tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh. It is ranked within the top 500 news websites in the world.

History of newspaper in Bangladesh

There are different opinions regarding the first Bengali newspaper publication. Some historians assume that “Samachar Darpan” was the first Bengali weekly newspaper published by the Baptist missionary society on 23 May 1818. But some historians do not agree with it. They decided that a Bengali weekly, Bengali Gazette or Vangal Gazette, was first published, and the publisher was Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya. It is tough to tell the actual time to establish a printing press in Bangladesh. Historians guessed that during 1847 first printing press was set up in Rangpur, and the name was “Rangapur Barttabaha” in August 1847.


Which is the first newspaper in Bangladesh?

Answer: “The Azad” is the first newspaper in Bangladesh. It was a Bengali-language daily newspaper that was published from 1936 to 1992.

Which was the first newspaper in Bengali?

Answer: “Samachar Darpan” was the first newspaper in Bengali. It was a weekly newspaper published by the Baptist missionary society and published in 1818 from the Baptist mission press. Some historians consider the Bengali weekly “Bengal Gazette” or” Vangal Gazette” had begun publication earlier.

What is the best Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh?

Answer: The daily Prothom Alo is considered to be the largest newspaper in Bangladesh in terms of circulation. Bangladesh Protidin is also considered to be the largest newspaper in Bangladesh in terms of circulation. There are about half a million readers individually of the two newspapers.

How many national newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

Answer: There are 3025 registered print media in Bangladesh and among them, 1191 are daily newspapers. Four hundred seventy nos newspapers are published from the capital city of Dhaka. This report is as per the information minister disclosed at the National Parliament in 14 January 2018.

Where is Bangladesh in Asia?

Answer: Bangladesh is a country located in southern Asia. It borders India on the west, north, and east, and a small border with Burma (also known as Myanmar) in the southeast. Bangladesh has flat plains, large rivers flowing from the Himalayas.

How can I read all Bangla newspapers in one place?

Answer: You can get all Bangla newspapers and even Bangla TV channels clicking on from anywhere in the world. Our team works 24 hours, seven days in a week to keep the site updated. Here you will get all Bangla newspaper dailies and weeklies, online news portal, English newspaper, national and international including all radio and Television news sites.

Can I read daily printed newspapers online?

Answer: Yes, you can. You just visit the website and will get all daily printed newspapers online.


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