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Dhakapost is the fast-growing online news portal in the country. The paper aims to provide ethical and true information to the readers.  The paper’s editor is Mohiuddin Sarker, who is a prominent figure in the newspaper industry in Bangladesh. The paper’s slogan is sotter sathe sondhi means “a collaboration with the truth“, and they are always with the truth. The newspaper started its journey on 16th February 2021 and is owned by Bijoy Bangla Media. Ltd.  It is a sister concern of the US Bangla Group of companies.  The paper features out national news and regional news. The regional reporter is scattered in various districts to collect news for the paper and send the reports to the chief reporters. The contents of the paper are segmented like political. Business, entertainment, Science & Technology, Information & Technology, Lifestyle and fitness etc.

There is a good organogram to run the management of the Dhaka post and editor in chief leads all the departments. The chief reporter and news editor help the chief editor. In every department, there is an in-charge and sr. Subeditor helps the in charge. These departments are digital, technology, web, sports, entertainment, and international. The is a panel of a young and energetic group of people who can very efficiently update all kinds of news in the paper in the very quickest way. Their style of narrating any story is very easy and readers can very comfortably understand a complicated story easily. They are not biased by anyone else in society or by any party. The management of the paper strictly maintains the principles, rules, and regulations of the Bangladesh constitution. 

 They very clearly express the public sentiment and the government of the country can realize how to solve any issue by sharing it with the public. The paper strictly maintains national sovereignty, democracy and is always in favor of liberation war. They are with the country’s common people, maintaining the values of the sovereignty of the nation. Though there are numerous news portals in the country, we cannot depend on all the newspapers because they are not credible. Dhakapost is with fairness, accuracy, and find out the core of any information.

The Dhakapost at a glance

TypeOnline daily newspaper
FormatMobile and web  
Editor in ChiefMohiuddin Sarker
Political AlignmentIndependent
LanguageBengali and English
Headquarters95 Suhrawardy Avenue, Baridhara  Diplomatic    Zone, Dhaka-1212
The owner (s)Bijoy Bangla Media Ltd
Sister concernUS Bangla Group
Email[email protected]
Website www.dhakapost.com

They are not biased by any political parties and don’t fear anyone else. They are with the justice and hate the injustice.  Few newspapers express their info by exaggerating or distorting, but the Dhaka post is very transparent. Sometimes threats come from the diverse cluster, but they are with the national interest, human rights, the rule of law, and freedom of expression. Their reporters are scattered in the districts and Upazila level and send all reports to the chief reporter. The chief report verified the fact and then sent it to the chief editor. The chief editor has the supreme authority to accept or cancel any bits of intelligence. They try to cross-check any incident from local administration, witnesses, before finalizing the publication.  Dhakapost tries to maintain the journalist’s rules and regulations but sometimes mistakes may happen and the management never delays acknowledging their mistakes.

The newspaper is very important in our modern life and we cannot go ahead without it. The Dhaka post always updates the breaking news and updates news of national, regional and international issues. The readers can also participate in the comment and may send their content regarding any issue. The authority is ready to publish the content that helps and maybe is good for the country’s development and or may demolish any public sentiment. The Dhakapost regularly updates the paper and anyone can see the newspaper from anywhere in the country and abroad. You can use an Android phone to read the online news of the Dhaka post.

So, don’t delay taking Dhaka post as your info partner wherever you are in the world.