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Jagonews24.com is one of the most important newspapers in Bangladesh. There is another online news portal in Bangladesh and among them, jagobangla24.com, plays a vital role in the perspective of Bangladesh. The paper was established to serve better and credible news for the general people of Bangladesh. The paper’s management uses ultra-modern technology to assist the reporting and give breaking news and headline news for the overall need of the countrymen. It started its journey in 2014. The name of the editor of the paper is Zeaul Haq.  They express many kinds of news features like National news, regional news, international news, Politics, economics, Lifestyle, Information & Technology, Health, and fitness. The journalists of jagobangla24.com are very young and energetic and they try to bring out the information to the public very quickly and maintain journalism ethics in their profession.

The newspaper started its edition with the commitment of fearless and neutral journalism and never biased by any special person or party in the country. Their motto is to provide real-time news with the help of modern technology.  Though there are hundreds of news portals in Bangladesh, they are not dependable and credible in publishing info in real-time and never maintain journalism ethics in their profession.

Jagonew24.com at a glance

Type   Online newspaper
Format   digital online newspaper
Editor in Chief   Zeaul Haq
Founded     10 May. 2014
Political Alignment  Independent
Language      Bengali
Head Quarters     Azhar comfort complex, Ga 130/A, Pragati  Sarani Middle, Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone 8802-222262689
Email [email protected],       [email protected]
Tweet   @jagonews24
Whatsapp +8801704112020
Websites    jagonews24.com

The paper is very important for the students as they can benefit in innumerable ways by reading this paper.  It writes up the news of schools and universities and the students get all their academic information and become very expert in learning and vocabulary skills. It also gives importance to the regional facts that mean people in the country mostly reside in the village. It is tough to know their sorrows and sufferings and the reporters of jagobangla take out all data of the oppressed people in the region.

Many Bangla language people are dwelling in various countries in the universe and they are very much crazy to find the latest news of Bangladesh and the jagobanglanew24.com is committed to contributing to their feelings and try their level best to express the latest information for that abroad people of the globe.It regularly conveys the political news and people in the country are very much interested in the political information of Bangladesh and world politics.  There is an advertisement section in the paper and this section is very important for the businessmen as they present their goods or services in the section by advertisement. They have a rate chart of advertisement price lists and also have discount options.

  It is the main source of their income and the marketing personnel of the management work in the section and collects ad from various management to collect revenue so that the management can run smoothly. The businessman also finds other info like an economic report, share bazaar, bank, finance, insurance, etc. they also gain by getting the latest share bazaar’s different issue and try to see all trading news.So, wherever you are in the world is not a matter because the paper always updates its paper and brings out the latest headline information that is very tough for another portal. You need not look for so much paper and lose time as jagonews24.com gives us all the latest dates of Bangladesh and the earth.

Your can get info by using your Android phone or computer or laptop and so don’t late to see the jagobangla24.com find all the breaking news of Bangladesh and the whole world.Jagonews24.com is one of the most popular Bangla news portals in Bangladesh. The online news portal has started its operations with the commitment of fearless, investigative, informative, and neutral journalism.Jagonews24.com has provided real-time news updates using leading modern technology since 2014. 

It also provides an archive of previous news and a printing facility of the specific news items.One can easily find the latest news and top breaking headlines from Bangladesh and worldwide within a short period from the online news portal.Jagonews24.com, Bangladesh’s leading online news portal, is updating 24/7 with entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, politics, economics, culture, education, information technology, health, sports, columns, and features.

The news-based site is enriched with all the elements of the country’s traditional newspapers. A group of youngster journalists is working for the online news portal.Jagonews24.com is trying to build a bridge with Bengali language people worldwide and wants to create a new dimension to the country’s online news portal.

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