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The Daily Janakantha Bangla Newspaper

The daily Janakantha is a very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It is published in Dhaka and is owned by the Janakantha Shilpo Poribar. It was founded on 21 February 1993. Mr. Atikullah Khan Masud is the editor of the Daily Janakantha. In once upon a time it was the highest publication in the country and also it is a very popular newspaper in the country. The daily Janakantha is the only newspaper that publishes from a different region of the country simultaneously with the help of its microwave system and distributed the papers very early in the morning. The other concerns of the newspapers are globe Insecticide Ltd, Globe Metal complex Ltd, Globe cables Ltd, Globe Khamar Prokalpo ltd, Globe contruction Ltd, Globe technologies Ltd. The main features are Jhilimili,(entertainment,  Chilomanbiswa (international news), Anondakantha (Goodnews), Apnardakter(Health-related), orthoniti (Economics), IT.com(IT),teknaf theke Tetulia(regional news), diprojonmo(generation), campus, japito jibon (Lifestyle), etc.

The management of the daily Janakantha is very sophisticated and they have different sections to run the management and to give the paper to the readers at the right time. The sections are as News section, Editorial section, Computer division, advertisement division, circulation department.

In the news division, all kinds of news are collected here and edited. Among all the news, some are sorted and send for printing. Reporters all over the country and also all over the world collect the news and send it to the news section and news is edited if necessary and send for final publication. The reporters work very hard to collect the actual news from different sources and by their capacity. The sub-editors edit the all-news and send it to the chief editor thus news is prepared for the readers.

The editorial is responsible for the preparation and edits of editorial, post editorial, column, opinion, features, articles. The main goal of the editorial is to give their readers or audience a wide and different view than any other newspaper. Thus, the news and the editorial department work in the daily janakantha.

The daily Janakantha at a glance

Type  Daily Newspaper
Format  Print, Online
Editor Mohammad Atikullah Khan Masud
Founded  1993
Political Alignment   Left
Language Bangla
Head Quarters  Rashed Khan Menon road, New eskaton
Owner(s)   Globe Janakantha Shilpo Poribar
Website www.dailyjanakantha.com

The advertisement department is the key source of income. The Daily Janakantha also has an advertisement department. Most of the people in this department are salespersons. The work of this department is to handle the advertisement-related work. The department always tries to give better service to their customers because revenues are collected from this department.

The credit of the circulation department is how many papers are circulated, distributed on an average day. The daily Janakantha is very uncontestable from the very beginning regarding the circulation.

The Daily Janakantha has the printed and online versions and the readers get the same taste as the printed papers in the online version. They publish the news for all classes of people and try to maintain and publish the actual news for their readers.

They collect news from various parts of the globe. The name of the online portal is Edaily Janakantha and all kinds of news of national and international are publish and breaking news, breaking news is updated in the online