Bd News 24 | বিডিনিউজ টুয়েন্টিফোর – Online Bangla News Portal Bangla online newspaper is the most popular web-based news agency in Bangladesh. The public called it BDNEWS. It was the first website in Bangladesh that was founded in 2005 by Yasir Riad. It is a bilingual web portal.  It is considered the world’s top Ranking news agency according to the Alexa ranking. It is also to be English language and bilingual English web site top 10 among the all-Bangladeshi websites which Bangladeshi counts. Then it was taken over as a holding company in 2006. More than 500 journalists and photographers are engaged in different parts of the country. Ownership is vested between two and one is Taufiq Imroz Khalidi in at the position of Managing Editor and Editor in chief, taking over it as a limited company.  He is a renowned journalist and previous BBC broadcaster. Asif Mahmood is the Chairman of the company.

This online newspaper covers up almost all kinds of information for all classes of people. The features that they normally wrap up are Home, Bangladesh, Politics, Business, Economy, World, Sports, Cricket, technology, Health, Environment, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Photo, Recent News, and Big picture etc. besides these contents, it also publishes numerous features like Glitz. Kids, Hello, Chobighor (picture house), Sambrook khobor (recent news), Choir golpo (story of picture), Motamot (Opinion), Arts, Blog, Tube, Hello, Classifieds, Mobile etc. at a glance

 Type  Online newspaper
Founded    05 ; 16 years ago
Founder   Taufique Imrose Khalidi, Asif Mahmood
 Format   Mobile and web 
Editor  Taufique Imrose Khalidi
News editor  Arun Devnath, Jahiddul Kabir, Monirul Islam
Publisher Taufique Imrose Khalidi on behalf of Bangladesh  News 24 hours Limited
Owner(s) Bangladesh news 24 hours Limited
Political Alignment  Liberal
Language English and Bengali
Head Quarters     Red Crescent Concord Tower, Dhaka, Bangladesh  

The aspects are divided and classified in diverse ways. The “News” write about Home, Bangladesh, Business, Politics, Economy, World, Technology, environment, Lifestyle, Aviation, People, Neighbours, Film, campus festival etc.  Classifieds engrave of Car & Vehicles, Property, Jobs, electronics, Hobbies & Leisure, Household, Animals and fashion.  OP/Ed are about Achievement, Culture, Democracy, Corruption, 1971 etc. The portal highlights the political news nationally and internationally. Lots of incidents are happening all around us and in numerous countries. We don’t have to wait until 24 hours to find the information because, with the help of an online news portal, we can easily and comfortably find it all in sequence within a second.

The news portal maintains the highest standard in professionalism. Integrity, ethical journalism. The management of the paper first introduced an internet-gathering news portal in the country. They are committed to serving the countrymen by circulating ethical information and showing the core in a sequence of any incident.  That’s why its visitors are increasing day by day.  Though it was first published as an agency now, it is working as a newspaper on the internet. They focus mainly on education, politics, Inform, entertainment.  Any political party does not bias them, and the editorial is quite lucid, rational, well-argued. They try to put the public comments as if they do not deviate from the topic and do not attack personally. More than five hundred daily, weekly and fortnightly newspapers, news portals, magazines are in the country and in the number of visitors and page views, it may be in the highest position in the country. 

More than 7.20-million-page viewers are on the portal. Readers and visitors are scattered in many countries globally, and Google Analytics says that its news spreads about 235 countries in the globe. There is no magic to raise its readership, but the main theme is that they maintain journalism ethics and never distort any news that may cause any problem in society or the nation. They bring out the actual news from the ground level and analysis everything before expresses it. They use a form to give a public opinion to the paper, and you can also do it. You can fill up the page form and participate in commendations, and they will never disclose your name and details to others if required.  You can do it from your email and can participate in special national or international issues.

In the fast communication life, it is hard to see and go through a printed newspaper because we are so busy in our daily work and most of the time, we are in the internet connection and can easily see the web-based news portal.  The is continuously upgrading its information to serve the latest and updated news for all respected readers scattered all over the universe. They work 24/7 hour in a week and don’t miss any news to present to the public.  Many famous journalists and columnists are working in, and they write content regarding any national and international issues. You can also participate in the comments by submitting your comments in the comments slip.  

So, wherever you are in the globe no matter to go through the paper because you can get all breaking news visiting this online portal anywhere and anytime in the world.

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