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The Daily Ittefaq Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Ittefaq is one of the oldest newspapers in Bangladesh. At the first time, it was a weekly newspaper and was published on 24 December 1953.  Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani was the founder of the renowned newspaper and Tofazzal Hossain  (widely known as Manik Mia) was the editor. It is serving the nation for a long long time and took a vital role in the contemporary issues at the time of the liberation war and even more. The management of Ittefaq was a strong supporter of Awamileague and ventilating peoples’ sentiment about the separation issues of Pakistan. It was very much critic about the widening of the two wings of Pakistan.  It is considered to be the first vernacular newspaper.

Then at that time of the anti-Pakistan movement, it becomes the daily newspaper from the weekly. The ex-minister Anwar Hossain Manju who is the son of former founding editor Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia is now the editor of the country’s old and renowned newspaper.

We should not compare today’s newspaper with the newspaper of Manik Miah’s at that time or any other newspaper especially bangle newspaper. That was the golden time of Ittefaq from 1954 to 1971. When East Pakistan was facing all kinds of problems from West Pakistan, from the central government, the Ittefaq became one of the mediums of protest.

 In once upon a time, it was the largest circulating newspaper in Bangladesh. It covers the different features for our social, national, international life that may be very much standard of the modern daily newspaper. The features are political news, sports, entertainment, general and local news. The owner of the daily Ittefaq is Ittefaq Group of publications that has other concerns of news like popular English newspaper “The Daily New Nation”, Fashion and entertainment magazine “Monthly Binodon”, sports magazine fortnightly Kriarjagat. This newspaper is published in Dhaka.

The Daily Ittefaq at a glance

Type    Daily Newspaper
Owner(s)   Ittefaq Group of publications
Founder Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Year Mohammad Khan
Format   December 24, 1953
Editor   Anwar Hossain Monju
Publisher  Tareen Hossain
Political Alignment:   Secular/Liberal
Language Bengali
Head Quarters:   40, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka 1215; Kazlarper Demra, Dhaka 1232

The Ittefaq has two versions of newspaper printed and online version and name of the online version are eIttefaq and that provide you with the same taste like a printed newspaper. There are different online news portals in the market and all portals are not the same as eIttefaq and you can save its page to get the breaking news, latest news nationally and internationally.

You can save it and count it as the first choice of an online news portal because it is the oldest and reliable newspaper in Bangladesh which achieved many rewards from Bangladesh and also from abroad. This online portal publishes the same as the printed version of all features like politics, sports, fashion, business, financial, and many more. You can also read the English version from the online portal.

Among the different features of The daily Ittefaq, there is a section for the students class wise one day in a week that is very much helpful for the students. They can make lecture sheets by getting help from this feature. The students can start reading newspapers from kindergarten to start learning to read and also to gather information from newspapers. This paper helps students to develop daily reading habits that will last their entire life. Students who are habituated in reading newspapers daily become very much active citizens in their adult life.

There is also a business column in the daily Ittefaq and they get the latest news of the country and out of the country to improve their business. The present life is fast communication life and you will gain in everything if you are in latest news and Ittefaq’s online version will give you the breaking news, latest news, headline news of the country and also internationally. 

The life of the Daily Ittefaq start with the political background and politician are also benefited getting all the parties’ news and views.  The paper also tries to give the actual news of different parties. It is very helpful for the job seekers and also for the businessmen like different tender notice is published in the daily Ittefaq. The job seekers can easily see the vacancies of different industries and can easily apply for jobs.

Therefore, the daily Ittefaq is a very renowned, oldest, historical newspaper in Bangladesh where you will get all the historical elements of Bangladesh birth. Wherever we stay in the world, it is not a matter, we should read the historical newspaper of Bangladesh. We call know that Bangladesh was independent under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but the desire for independence of Bangladesh goes way back. The one person whose writing inspired the general people of Bangladesh at that time was the one and only Manik Miah. He uses his pen as his weapon and uses his Ittefaq as a chariot. It is also heartbreaking that we don’t take his name often when we talk about the independence of Bangladesh.

So we try to read the Daily Ittefaq newspaper that has the historical special value and this management also took the initiative to upgrade it as per the necessity of time. We can get the latest news, breaking news headlines news nationwide and also worldwide. It’s the same taste to read the online newspaper of Ittefaq like the printed one.