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The Daily Inqilab Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Inqilab is one of the oldest and renowned newspapers in Bangladesh.  It was published in February 1986 and the owner is Inqilab publications ltd. It was actually pro-Islamic newspaper. The founding editor of the Daily Inqilab is Maulana Abdul Mannan and he was one of the top leaders of the peace and Welfare council which was established only to help the west Pakistani at the time of war in 1971. He not only established the Peace and Welfare council to save and help the west Pakistani army, but he was also the organizer of Al Baqr and very much collaborator of the Pakistani Army during the liberation war. AMM Bahauddin is the chief coordinator of the Bangladesh Olama Masaekh Committee and now he is the current editor of the daily Inqilab. The Executive Editor is Mr. Ruhul Amin Khan.

There are different sections of the newspaper and among them, some are regular sections like Jatio Sangbad(national news), Antorjatik song bad(International news), Kheladhula(sports news), sarabanglar khobor (regional news), ovvontorin sompadhokio(editorial), Bybsha Banijjo( business news), and Binodon protidin (entertainment and gossiping. There are some weekly features in the Daily Inqilab and they are Adigonto, corporate, Muktangon, Inqilab sahitto(literary magazine), Shikkhangon (study), Career, It, Telecom( ICT news and reviews), Islami jibon(Islamic lifestyle),  Dhormo dhorson(Islamic psychology), Sonali ashor,(Shasta(Health advice and tips)) and Kheladhula(weekly sports news and Analysis).

The Daily Inqilab at a glance

Type  Daily Newspaper
Format    Broadsheet
Publisher   AMM Bahauddin
Editor in Chief AMM Bahauddin
Executive Editor Ruhul Amin Khan
Political Alignment Independent
Language  Bengali
Head Quarters  Inqilab Publications Ltd., 2/1 R K Misson Road, Dhaka
 Owner(s) Inqilab Publications Ltd
Websites  dailyinqilab.com

Like other newspapers, the daily Inqilab has also two versions of newspapers like the printed and online versions and it is also a popular Bangla newspaper. You will get all the latest and breaking news in the online version. It covers news of Economy, National, International, Entertainment and more. The official app of the Daily Inqilab is designed in this way that the readers of the newspaper can read their news very comfortably from anywhere in the world.

The Daily Inqilab is also a major and popular Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. The Daily Inqilab is the most popular newspaper in Saudi Arabia, the United States, United kingdom according to the Alexa traffic rank. As a result, the three journalists were arrested and the press of Inqilab was sealed.

As it’s a very old and famous newspaper in Bangladesh, it plays an important role in the society to be updated and they also try to publish some untold stories in the society. Newspaper is very much important in our daily, social, national and international life and the paper also provide us news from various parts of the world. It also serves to control corruption in the state.