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The Daily Sun (Bangladesh) is a very popular English daily published in Dhaka. It was founded on October 24, 2010, and the editor chief of this paper is Enamul Haq Chowdhury and the publisher is Maynul Hussain Chowdhury on behalf of EastWest Media group. The paper consists of twenty-eight pages and four pages on business and eight pages on games and Sports, which is called “Winner.” There is also an English portal of the newspaper www.daily-sun.com and a Bangla news portal www.bangla.daily-sun.com maintained by a website www.edailysun.com for the e-version of the published copies. Edailysun is also published from Dhaka, and it looks like the printed copy of Daily Sun. The paper is owned by the East-West Media Group, part of the well-known Bashundhara Group. The Group has three other newspaper concerns, namely Bangladesh Pratidin, Kaler Kantho, Banglanews24.com. Bangla news is their publication. This paper also publishes few weekly supplements like Groove, The Hood, Morning Tea etc.

From the very beginning of the paper, it has been providing the actual news for its readers. They are committed to publishing accurate information and not being biased by anything else. The paper conveys different sections like National, Business, World, Sports, Entertainment, Sci-nature, Health, Lifestyle, Metro police etc. There are also special supplements of this paper that are related to our day-to-day life. The accessories are very useful for the new generation. The management of this paper are very much conscious to published the core of any news and they claim to be TRUE and IMPERIAL. It papers a critical role in the perspective of Bangladesh. It publishes printed and online versions regularly. The paper contains news, opinions, advertisements, Media gossip, Health, Entertainment, and General news of Bangladesh’s people and world news. We can quickly get all information at home and abroad. The paper plays an important to create a public opinion regarding any national issue. The paper works to sustain the democracy by publishing the general news and guiding the government of Bangladesh and stable the democracy in Bangladesh.

The Daily Sun (Bangladesh) at a glance

Type: Daily Newspaper
Format Broadsheet and online
Publisher Enamul Haq Chowdhury
Editor in Chief Maynul Hasan
Founded 2010
Political Alignment Independent
Language English
Head Quarters Plot -371 /A, Block-D, Bashundhara Residential, Area, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The owner (s) East West Media Group Ltd
Websites:   daily-sun.com

Type: Daily Newspaper

Format: Broadsheet and online

Publisher: Enamul Haq Chowdhury

Editor in Chief: Maynul Hasan

Founded: 2010

Political Alignment: Independent

Language: English

Head Quarters: Plot -371 /A, Block-D, Bashundhara Residential, Area, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The owner (s): East West Media Group Ltd

Websites:                                  daily-sun.com

The newspaper exercises heavily in our fast communication and modern life. A contemporary newspaper supplies all news like politics, education, science, discoveries, economic problems, business matter, theater, television, sports, etc. We are also very much interested in knowing about what is happening all around us and we can know all from the online news portal very easily and comfortably. It also provides us general information and knowledge to go ahead in our daily activities.The newspaper also made the world smaller because the world is now like a village and knows all the news and views of the whole world very quickly. The daily sun never publishes any false news that may havoc on national unity. We can not think even a single moment without a newspaper and it is the educator of general people. So, we should read the Daily Sun regularly. Once upon a time, newspaper was regarded as up-to-dateness, importance and fashion. Still, time has changed. It is needed for everyone in the society, rich and poor, high and low, uneducated and marginally literate.

 Nowadays, the success of a man depends not only on reading and studying hard but also on gathering much general information that we get from newspapers. A business person must have to know the market condition, economical, market environment, property information regarding sources and prices of raw materials, availability of labor and capital or loan, costs of the products manufactured or marketed, weather condition, etc. like a business person, the politician also has to depend on the newspaper to get different political information. In this way, all the people of other professions have to rely on the newspaper for various types of information. So we need to scan our strengths, Weakness, Threats, and opportunity. The Daily Sun provides us all information and makes us informed.

Some newspapers publish false news and mislead the general people of a country. This type of fabricated news may bring out the loss of a community or country, which is called yellow journalism and this paper is always aware of this yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is doing for the sake of the party interest, which may harm society. Thus, newspaper works as a watchdog of democracy, human rights and individual freedom. There is always a gap between the government and the public, and the newspaper fills the gap. The daily sun bears the responsibility and accountability and never allows for yellow journalism, biased or convinced reporting, unethical practice.

So, we can say that the daily sun newspaper brings out the actual news all around us and the online edition gives the latest news, headline news. There are millions of page viewers and visitors of this paper in the country and worldwide who are residing in different countries in the world. 

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