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The Daily Manab Zamin Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Manab Zamin is a daily Bangla tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh. It is one of the largest and most circulated Bangla tabloids daily in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1997 and the editor in chief is Matiur Rahman Chowdhury. There are about 19000000 monthly page views on its daily edition, 1.6 million visitors from 189 countries from all over the world. With its page viewer and visitors, it has become one of the most popular Bengali tabloid newspapers globally. This newspaper is ranked within 500 newspaper websites in the world. This is the only newspaper that can boast credentials and affiliations with FIFA, UEFA, and another English premier league.  The Daily Manab Zamin is very much a world-renowned Bangla tabloid that has also partnered with SONY PICTURES and WARNER BROS publicly for Hollywood productions including Batman Begins and Casino Royale.

As it is a world-renowned newspaper, it is also with the Bangladeshi newspaper to host a dedicated website for the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa with detailed updates, player profiles, team slats, and the latest gossip. This is one of the fastest-growing news outlets in the country and ranked in Bangladesh is 15.

The Daily Mana Zamin at a glance:

Type    Daily Newspaper
Format     Broadsheet and online
Publisher    Mahbuba Chowdhury
Editor in Chief    Motiur Rahman Chowdhury
Founded   1997
Political Alignment   Liberal
Language  Bengali 
Head Quarters   136. Zenith Tower, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.
Websites     www.mzamin.com

Like other newspapers in the country, the newspaper also has two versions and one is a printed version and another is the online version. The daily Manab Zamin’s features mainly focus on Political, Economy, different national issues, etc. They also cover news about social, regional, lifestyle, entertainment, Islamic life, Religion thinking, literature, Sports news, etc. They are very keen to publish certain news. Nowadays the world has become free rein for a politician to propagate their advertising and agenda for the public and in this situation, newspapers play an essential role for the politician. The Manab Zamin also plays a vital role in the politics of Bangladesh. The newspaper also plays a role in the advertising of the businessmen and advertisement is the main source of their income. Manab Zamin has an advertisement department to publish advertisements on foods, health issues, medical issues, and services issues.

The world is becoming digital day by day and the paper is adapting this facility for their readers. You can read the printed newspaper of Manab Zamin and even the online version of it and will get the same taste as printed newspapers. The online version publishes breaking news, the latest news, updated news of Bangladesh, and worldwide. You can read by your computer or laptop or even by your Android phone from anywhere and anytime in the world. 

Therefore, wherever you are in the USA, UK, Australia, Arab countries it does not matter to read the online version of the Manab Zamin newspaper. You click on the online version of the Daily Manab Zamin to get breaking news, the latest news of Bangladesh, and of course, of the world.

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