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The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin Bangla Newspaper

Bangladesh Praditin is the most popular newspaper in Bangladesh and the highest in circulation. It started its journey in 2010. Naem Nizam, a famous journalist is the editor of Bangladesh Pratidin and Moynal Hossain is the Publisher of this renowned newspaper. Eastwest Group is the owner of this paper, a sister concern of Bashundhara Group. There are about 345 newspapers published from Dhaka and other cities and among them, Bangladesh Pratidin is the highest circulated Bangla newspaper.

 There are different features of Bangladesh pratidin like National News, Nagar Jibon, Purbo Paschim, Editorial, Rakomari showbiz, Deshgram, Mathemoidane, Khola kolam, Panchparan, Jibondhara, Talkshow, Ajker Rashi, Islam, Probash, Patro, Hotbar, Muktomoncho, Highlights, Leadnews, Khobor feature, etc. Two categories of new portal publish and these are printed and online versions. The internet base newspaper is very popular in the country and also out of the country. Most of the visitors to the Bangladesh EbdPratidin website are of the middle east and from other countries in the world.

Newspaper is the mirror of the society and Bangladesh Pratidin play a mouthpiece role to ensure the goodness of the people. Its function is to tell the untold stories of the people and country. It is also a commercially successful newspaper in the country and you can use its online version on your desktop computer as well as android mobile. It is considered is to be the best newspaper in Bangladesh. They have the strongest panel of journalists and put their hands together to reveal the best out of the facts and they always try to enter into the depth of any news and expose it to the readers and as a result, the publication of this paper is increasing day by day. No matter you read the newspaper in printed copy or in the online version, you will get the same flavor of printed copy from the online version.

The Bangladesh Pratidin at glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Format   Broadsheet
Publisher   Maynul Hasan
Editor in Chief    Naem Nizam
Founded   2010
Political Alignment  Independent
Language    Bengali
Head Quarters  Plot -371 /A, Block-D, Bashundhara Residential, Area, Baridhara, Dh
Owner(s) East West Media Group Ltd

The ads system of Bangladesh Pratidin is very excellent. It enables you to publish Display ads under different categories or sections and you can choose the categories as per your requirements ranging from announcements, obituary. The Bangladesh Pratidin provide their customer an economical discount and combo package while booking advertisement through authorized online newspaper ads booking agent. As a result, the advertisers get the following advantages to introducing a new product in the market, expansion of the market, increased sales, Fights competition, Enhances Goodwill, educate the consumers, Elimination of middlemen, better quality products, etc. There are three primary objects of advertising such as to inform, to persuade, and to remind. This type of advertiser creates awareness of brand, products, service, ideas. The allowance for new products and programs. In that sense, they educate the people about the new benefits of products.

You can use the Bangladesh Pratidin as an educational instrument as it publishes the classwise note sheet and question answers for the students. As a result, the students are also benefited from reading newspapers. They can easily understand the community, state, nation, cultivate critical thinking and also develop reading and writing skills. Bangladesh pratidin provides entertainment and sports news, the best source of general knowledge, useful ideas about research and projects and also improve vocabulary skill.

Bangladesh pratidin publishes a business page that is very much helpful for the businessmen. They get the updated news of business of the country and also worldwide.

They publish good articles and information for small business owners as well as big businesses. The businessmen get the news of proactive audience, targeted audience, affordable, Trustworthy, Engaging, Impact and effectiveness, display higher quality image and target a specific demographic.

The politicians are also benefited from reading the Bangladesh pratidin newspaper because it provides balanced, credible news for the politician especially the movement of different parties. This newspaper is very much conscious about the different difficulties of our society and show the problem of the society and also show the way to solve it. As a result, it is playing an important role in making a civilized society. The purpose of the Bangladesh pratidin is to inform, interpret and entertain the readers the actual incident and the true news of the society.

It helps the readers become informed by providing them the facts, statistics, and opinion columns. They inform, influence, and shape the public opinions on every major issue for public importance. The Bangladesh pratidin take very important role to influence, shape for the interest of the mass people.

The Bangladesh Pratidin is always aware of writing voice against the injustice of the society. In the age of communication, newspaper-like pratidin is also playing a vital role in the newspaper industry of Bangladesh. It increases our efficiency level when we are aware of the current.

 Therefore, all the newspapers in Bangladesh are considered abroad as online newspapers. There are too many Bangladeshi newspapers are in the market and they are innumerable in quantity. There are online newspapers in upazilla and Zilla level also. So it will be very much time-consuming to see here and there and just click on the ebdpratidin to get the latest news of the nation and worldwide. The online newspaper is very much faster to provide news than printed newspaper.The online portal of Bangladesh is ebdpratidin and you can get the latest news from this online portal. The volume of ebdpratidin is 45080 unique daily visitors and their pageviews 270481 daily and each visitor makes around 6.42 pages on average.