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The Financial Express (Bangladesh) an  English daily in Bangladesh

The Financial Express is a local edition in Bangladesh of the world-famous Financial Express. This English Daily began its journey 10 November 1993 and AHM Moazzem Hossain is the present editor of this newspaper. The paper mainly focuses on the nation’s economic growth. The newspaper promotes the success of entrepreneurs and helps those giving different tips to budding investors and industrialists.  The newspaper made a good social contribution by presenting different kinds of research and opinions. In addition to presenting news, it also focuses on editorial based on articles. The paper provides national and world news. It also provides different news like Sports, Technology, Travels, Agriculture, Showbiz and many more. The paper is published from Dhaka and by a group of Metropolitan journalists under the editorship of the newspaper. The renowned newspaper generates its publications 20 to 24 pages daily and seven days a week.

The main objectives of the paper are to disseminate fair and objective news and information. They are committed to keep their readers informed about the ongoing social, economic, financial, and political development of its printed edition and also keep updated its breaking and headlines news nationally and internationally. The management of this paper emphasizes the publication of its in-depth analysis, opinions on major domestic, regional, and global trade, business, and other different issues. The paper serves the interests of its readers and people in general.  They never sacrifice regarding the issues of human rights and dignity of all citizens and take special care about not maligning anyone, no matter what his or her social standard is.  The Financial Express endeavor to explore the strengths and opportunities of English newspapers in English language learning at secondary level learning in Bangladesh.

 The Financial Express at a glance 

 Type       Daily Newspaper
  Founded    1993
  Format    Broadsheet and online   
  Editor Shah Hussain Imam
  Publisher Syed Manjur Elahi
  Political Alignment     Liberal
Language         English
  Head Quarters Tropicana Tower (4th floor), 45 Topkhana Road, Dhaka- 1000
   Email     [email protected][email protected].

One of the objectives of Financial expression is to understand the popular feelings and give expression to it, bring out certain desirable statements among the people, fearless expose the popular defects. The paper always attempts to provide the facts and analysis which allow the informed citizen to make an effective and responsible decision in a complex condition in a society. The current role of this newspaper has evolved in response to the changing needs of their readers and softening the news of reaction to other media coverage of lifestyle, entertainment, media gossips, and many more. In this way, the financial express is serving the nation, developing the country, and also serves a multiplicity of purposes. This paper is the medium of news, a source of information about regional, national and international. This paper also serves as an instrument of education, contributing to the country in human resources and promoting the economic growth of the country.

The Financial Express provides us the following advantages.

  • It can provide us local and International news very instantly.
  • It helps the individual to be updated with current affairs.
  • It is very easy to get a clear idea about a country’s social, economic and political condition.
  • This paper helps his or her to be fluent and also to increase vocabulary skills.
  • It grows one’s confidence to debate against any controversial issue or national issue in a meeting.
  • It can help the people who are seeking jobs to upgrade their careers.
  • It helps people to boost reading and to be much faster.
  • The newspaper helps one to improve the way of writing.

Thus, the paper has created a positive change in the perspective of Bangladesh that helps people to be more conscious and aware of the current scenario all around them. The aware people always ask different questions and that means that they read a newspaper and this is exactly the views that the newspaper does. The paper another important role between the people of Bangladesh and the government of Bangladesh to sustain the democracy in the country. The newspaper gives the details news to the people what small or smaller that may be. It also makes the people informed. Sometimes rules and regulations are changed by the government and the people are informed by the newspaper.

The world is changing rapidly and in the same way, paper is changing and becoming digital in every respect. You can get updated news very instantly by your computer or laptop or even by your Android phone. A newspaper is the mirror of society. With the service of newspaper, the past few years have brought in chance in the face; several few tools have become available in the hands of newspaper designer, page makers, editors etc. There are millions of people of Bangladesh are residing abroad like the USA, UK, Arab countries, Australia, Middle East and they are searching for news and views of Bangladesh and world news to the Financial Express online edition.

Therefore, no need to waste your valuable time searching different newspapers because you are getting all news by clicking on the Financial Express (paper).So, wherever you are in the world choose The Financial Express online editor as your news partner to find all breaking news, the latest news of Bangladesh and of course of the world.

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