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The ManobKantho Bangla Newspaper

The ManobKantho is a daily renowned Bangla Newspaper of Bangladesh. The paper is publishing in Dhaka and the editor-in-chief is Mahmud Anwar Hossain. The paper-like other newspapers, publishes features on Political, Economic, Sports, Lifestyle, Health, literature, Entertainment, Fitness, movies, and different issues of our daily and social life. It is one of the popular newspapers in Bangladesh. 

There is another traditional newspaper that features an editorial page written by the chief editor and a column that expresses the personal opinion of writers. 

The primary income source of newspapers is from the advertisement section and paid subscriptions. Different comprehensive materials have been published in newspapers including editorial opinions, criticism, persuasions, obituaries entertainment features such as movies, crosswords, sudoku, horoscopes, weather news, forecast, advice, food, and another column, and it also reviews Radio, movies, Television, Plays, and restaurant. The newspaper also publishes classified ads, display ads, Radio, and Television listings, insert from all merchants, editorial cartoons, gag cartoons, comic strips etc.

The Daily Manobkantho at a glance:

Type Daily Newspaper
Format    Broadsheet and online
Publisher   Zakaria Chowdhury
Editor in Chief    Mahmud Anwar Hossain
Founded      2018
Political Alignment  Liberal
Language       Bengali 
Headquarter   Barua, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1222 

The ManobKantho covers various fields such as Politics, Business, Sports, opinion columns, weather forecasts, etc. In the general news, it is usually found on the front page of the paper. The “Banner Headlines” are printed in big and bold words. There is a foreign and local news section where news from towns and cities of nations and abroad are found. In sports, the page contains the information from in and outside of the country. There is a classified Ads section where advertisements are published like “Help”, “Wanted”, “For Lease/For sale” and “Wanted to buy” etc.

There are other sections in the newspaper business and finance section, Entertainment section, Home and culture section, society page, Travel, and Tourism section, Announcement and obituary section. In the Business section, information about the business such as Banking, Exports, Imports, prices of prime commodities, etc. The entertainment section contains information radio, Television, and other activities of enjoyment.

On the other hand, the newspaper publishes excellent articles and tackles social issues, culture, arts, and many more. The paper also conveys the public opinion to the general people on the critical issue of the society or even national or international. This helps the people to give the news to the authority to make a change if it’s at fault.  The Manobkantho also has a section for the job seeker who is trying to grip new opportunities to establish themselves. 

Like the other newspaper, Manobkantho newspaper also has two versions for their readers: printed and online versions. You will get all the breaking news, latest news, and updated news on the online version. 

Therefore, wherever you are it does not matter to read Manobkantho newspaper and you can read through your computer or Laptop or even by your Android phone. So, search the eManobKantho news portal online and get all the breaking news and updated news of Bangladesh and world news.

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