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The New Nation Bangladeshi English Newspaper

The New nation is one of the oldest newspapers in Bangladesh. It has been serving in society for long 36 years. It was founded on 15 October 1981. At first, it was a weekly paper, and three years later, it started as daily. The report is published from Dhaka as independent English daily. The name of the editor of this paper is A M Mufazzal and Managing editor Arshad Hessen. The publisher of this paper is Maynul Hossein. It was the only English newspaper in Dhaka publishing the general people’s views and grievances for a long period. Many famous and legendary journalists worked in the oldest newspaper. They are Late Hasan Sayeed, Mahbubul Alam, Amanullah, ABM Musa, Alamgir Mohiuddin, Enamul Haq, Fazleh Rashid, Amanullah Kabir, Moazzem Hossain. They worked in the legendary paper and also shone in their own right. The piece worked a lot regarding democracy, human rights, private entrepreneurship and attracted very short time to the people of Bangladesh.

Though the paper published information for all classes of people in society, it mainly focuses on commitment to democracy, Constitutionalism, human rights, people’s right and welfare, good governance, and journalist objectivity. So it is clear that there is a glorious tradition of this paper. It brings out various features for its respected readers such as Editorial, Entertainment, Sports, Business, National issues, Lifestyle, Literature, Life etc. The management of this paper proved the proverb “Pen is mightier than the sword.” Various articles were published by renowned journalists and writers and raised their voices against national and international issues. The paper also brings out small news that is happening around us.

The New Nation at a glance 

 Type    Daily Newspaper
 Founded      1981
Format        Broadsheet and online
 Editor A.M. Mufazzol
Managing editor Arshad Hossein
Political Alignment  Liberal
Language     English
Head Quarters 1, R K Mission Road, Ittefaq Bhaban(Third floor), Dhaka-       1203, Bangladesh.
Email       [email protected] , [email protected]

In the fast communication world, we get lots of portals and apps in the play store that these kinds of outlets are not dependable for information. The paper’s management has developed and has two versions of paper; these are printed version and online version. As a result, the readers can easily and very comfortably reach their popular article from anywhere in the world. It covers up numerous matters besides general knowledge. There are various puzzles, games, and cartoons for kids in the report and kids are very much excited seeing and matching the puzzles. So it is a must for all categories of people in society. Sometimes small incidents happen in the community and we become very much conscious regarding this matter and try to see the latest information of that matter. This paper is very helpful for the students because they can get a lot of general knowledge and become experts in vocabulary, pronunciation, learning, etc. The students who read the newspaper regularly, become a very responsible people in their professional life in adults.

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country and it is tough to get all news of very clearly but the New nation brings out almost all news in front of us and we get a clear reflection of our society from this paper. There is a business page of this paper and nearly all business news exists in the page, and businessmen like this page very much and benefit. The businessman needs to present their products or services to the clients and the client also find much information from the advertisement. Advertisement is very much needed to promote a product or service for business growth. On the other hand, management requires a lot of money to run the office and revenue from advertisement. The advertisement is the primary source of their income. Thus the businessmen and news agencies work together to gain one another. A doctor finds in a sequence of new medicine or technology of treatment-related from paper. The politicians are very much interested in overlooking a paper and the New Nation paper focuses on the political news in the article. They get various parties new, set their strategy for a plan, and present their meeting, gathering in the report. We find entertainment news, movies, cultural affairs, theatre information from it. 

We have very limited time to see the printed newspaper in the digital world, and we are always in the internet connection. We can find all breaking news and updated news from the online newspaper, and New Nation also regularly brings online editions to the people of Bangladesh and the whole world. Millions of readers and visitors are in different countries which regularly see the online edition of this paper. So, you don’t need to search too many newspapers to find news of Bangladesh and world news, and you click on the online edition of New Nation (e-paper) to get all updated news because there is an expert panel of journalists in the management to serve updated and actual news for its respected readers.

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