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New Age Bangladeshi English Newspaper

New Age is the most influential English daily in Bangladesh. It was established in 2003 and the editor of this paper is Nurul Kabir, a former leftwing activist. From the very beginning of this paper, it dominates the newspaper industry in the country. The uniqueness of this paper is its quality of rich content and the number of readerships. It is present in the market both in print and online versions at home and abroad. The management of this paper set up a panel of fearless journalists who are the core persons in the growth of this paper. They are very ethical and expose the actual news to uphold the political, economic and cultural interests of the people of Bangladesh. The readers of this paper are increasing day by day due to its ethical commitment and courageous journalism for the general people of Bangladesh. It is regarded one of the most outspoken newspaper in Bangladesh.

The paper interprets regarding different issues of our daily, national and international life such as Political, National any issues, Regional, Recreational, Literacy, Countrywide, World News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Opinion, cartoon, Career, Diaspora, Interview, Science and Technology, Classroom focus, Dhaka Pollution Focus, City, Urban Life, Rural Life etc. It brings out the information for all classes of people in society. We find genuine social reflection when we go through the paper. Millions of page viewers and website viewers are outside the country, and they constantly get updated and breaking news of Bangladesh and world news.

New Age at a glance 

Type     Daily Newspaper
Owner(s)   Media New Age Limited
Founded      2003
Format         Broadsheet & online           
Editor   Nurul Kabir
Political Alignment: Independent
Language     English
Head Quarters   Hamid Plaza, 300/5/A/1, Bir uttam CR Dutta Road, Dhaka-1205

Millions of incidents are happening in the country and in the world. We can find all the information from the newspaper. That is why we cannot think of a single moment without paper printed or online news portal. There are various professionals in society, and it is also needed for their profession. A Businessmen cannot go ahead without the proper info because he or her business mainly depends on the actual trade and commerce info and the other hand, he or she promotes his business with the advertisement on paper, and the clients also get the information of and can justify products or service seeing the ad. The printing news’ reading may decrease somewhat due to digitalization, but old persons are habituated to read newspapers. They maintain to read a newspaper regularly and a group of young generation see all news in the online portal. That is why to adopt opportunity, the New Age paper also expresses their information in online portal.

The new Age brings information for the students and a group of young and students is very much like the paper. The students who are habituated in the reading paper can be benefited in learning, pronunciation, vocabulary and overall reading habituate. The student who read newspaper in their early-stage become a very responsible person in their adult age. Career opportunity is published in the paper. As a result, students find various updates of job opportunities in the writing and many careers course scope to build themselves to go ahead in future. Political news is the regular feature of the paper, and politicians also find numerous strategies of different parties in the country and set goals for plans. So, a newspaper is a must to every matter of our life. Another vital work of paper is to grow public awareness regarding national or any social issues. It expresses the various incidental concerns, severe cases of the country, or social issues. It can raise public opinion and people find scope to give their message to the authority. 

Sometimes, it may create a negative impact, but it plays a very positive role in making a public opinion for any national or social issue. People in a democratic country like Bangladesh find scope to tell their sorrows and happiness, news and views in the New Age paper and government also give message regarding any rules and regulations to the public. In this way, democracy is sustained in the country. Few journalists are politically biased and print false information, but in the New Age paper, it never happens to be partial to any outstanding person or muscleman in society. They maintain their ethics and serve trustworthy information for their respected readers. They never go in back foot biased to any person in any region.

Therefore, you don’t need to search many papers or news portals to find the actual or latest news of Bangladesh and of the world. In the digital world, you only look for New Age (e-paper) to get all the breaking news and keep yourself updated from anywhere in the world.

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