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Natun Barta Bangla Newspaper

The Natun Barta Bangla daily newspaper and published two editions, printed and online version. The publisher and editor of this paper are Yousuf Ahmed Tuhin. It is published in Dhaka. Natun Barta is one of the top 10 newspapers in Bangladesh. It covers all kinds of news like Political, entertainment, Health-related, regional news, National issue, Science and Technology, Lifestyle, Trade and commerce, Games and Sports, International matters etc. There are also some weekly features in this paper like Onnorokom (Different style), Sakkhatkar (Interview), Media, Dhormo o jibon (Religion and life), Shasta (Health issue), Nari (women), Poramorsho (Consultation), Recipe, Shilpa shishito (literature), Probash Jibon (Abroad life) etc. This is one of the best newspapers in Bangladesh.

This paper plays a vital role in the context of Bangladesh. The paper provides you with all news around you that is happening in society and you become aware of everything regarding the latest scenario around us. The newspaper provides information that helps people in business, students, politicians, professionals and every class of people in the society and benefit. The company gets the market trend news from newspapers and politicians get all political movement situation of the country. Students are also benefited as they get different research items from newspapers. The students who read newspapers at an early stage of life become responsible citizens as adults.

The Daily Natun Barta at a glance 

Type    Daily Newspaper
Founded  2015
Format   Broadsheet
Editor    Yousuf Ahmed Tuhin
Publisher Yousuf Ahmed Tuhin
Language  Bengali 

 The Natun Barta also tries to maintain their policy and never publish any false news to their readers. The doctors also get information about newly invented medicine. The businessmen are benefited by showing advertisements of their products or services and promote their business as there is an advertisement section in the paper. Thus, the newspaper helps all professionals polish their personality that helps them go ahead in their future life. They bring out the actual news by their special reporters. They have an expert journalist panel that is always conscious of publishing real information for the general people of Bangladesh.

Modern life cannot run without updated news and the man who knows quicker is more intelligent. The online edition of this paper provides all breaking news, headline news. You will get the same information and same taste as the printed newspaper from the online edition. Even the online newspaper is better than the printed one because it covers the breaking news that a printed one never can. You can get all the information very instantly and quickly from anywhere in the world. 

Therefore, wherever in the world, just click on Natun Barta (epaper) online edition to know all Bangladeshi news and world news without wasting time seeing different news portals. Millions of pageviews and unique visitors are in the paper and you can also choose this paper as your partner in providing all kinds of news.

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