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Hazarika Pratidin Daily Bangla Newspaper

Hazarika Protidin is a daily newspaper of Bangladesh and Joynal Hazarika is the Editor and Ibrahim Patwary is the Publisher of this renowned newspaper. It was founded in 2010 and published in Dhaka. The editor Joynal Hazari is known as a Bangladesh Awami league politician and former member of the national parliament. He was a member of parliament from Feni 2 constituency winning the election held in 1986, 1991, 1996. The newspaper publishes news of all levels of people in the society and country. There are features of Political, Economics, Literature, Health, Science, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Movies, also regional, national and international news. The paper mainly focuses on the information of regional news of Feni. There is a slogan in the days where the editor wanted to say that the article is established to tell the truth in society with courage.

 So, the paper always publishes the actual news and is not biased to anyone else in the society whether he may be mighty in the community. As a result, the publication of this newspaper is increasing day by day and readers are pleased to find the trusted and actual news. There are many oppressed people in the country and they cannot get the government facility and Hazarika Protidin brings their report to the newspaper. As a result, they benefited from the government agency in many ways.

The Daily Hazarika Protidin at a glance

Type   Daily newspaper
FormatBroadsheet and online
PublisherIbrahim Patwary
Editor in ChiefJoynal Hazari
Political AlignmentIndependent
HeadquartersRoard No. 13(new), Sobhan Bagh, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Emai[email protected]

The paper plays a vital role in the context of Bangladesh. Paper is an essential element in our daily life like the other commodities in a family. As breakfast satisfies our hunger and the Hazarika Protidin also satisfies the hungriness of millions of readers in the country. There are thousands and even more incidents in the country, and the paper brings the actual news for its readers within twenty-four hours. People can know the unknown of everything happening in the society and there are different kinds of information are published in the newspaper such as political news, economic reports, kidnapping, dowry, exploitation, business reports, commercial, news of games and sports, weather reports, market situation and prices of daily essentials, etc.

The Hazarika Protidin has two versions and one is a printed version and another is the online version. The online version publishes the breaking news, latest news, and headline news. People are very much busy nowadays and they have minimal time to read the printed newspaper. Still, they can read the Hazarika protidin’s online version through a Computer laptop or even by an Android phone. There are other options to read the newspaper by Facebook, Twitter, or by LinkedIn. Bangladeshi people residing in different parts of the world can quickly get the latest and breaking news of the country using a smartphone. They need to click on the Daily Hazarika Protidin(e-paper) to know the breaking news of Bangladesh and worldwide.