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The Independent Bangladeshi English Newspaper

The Independent is the very influential daily English newspaper in Bangladesh. The paper is owned by Beximco Group of Bangladesh and editor in chief is M Shamsur Rahman and the publisher is the same. It was founded on 26 March 1995. There is a supplement of the paper and the name is “Stethescope“. The form publishes many features that bring out all essential news in our daily, national and international life. The main components are Bangladesh News, International News. Political News, List of historical events, Bangladesh Economic News, Bangladeshi News website, Entertainment News, Health News, News Articles, Celebrity News etc. The management of this paper is committed to exposing all news very ethically to their respected readers.

The newspaper plays a very important role in our daily life. We start our day with a cup of tea along with a newspaper. But most of the papers are not so reliable to us. The Independent is very trustworthy and delivers us the trusted news around us. Nowadays, in the growing digitalization world, the young generation tries to get all information from the online portal because they can find it from the Android phone. The paper also expresses their news in online and printed versions. You can easily find all information about Bangladesh and world news from the online edition of Independent. The online edition always updated the breaking news and updated news of the whole. 

The Independent at a glance


Type    Daily Newspaper
Owner(s)   Independent Publications Ltd
Founded   March 26, 1995
Format       Broadsheet         
Editor M Shamsur Rahman
Publisher   M Shamsur Rahman   
Political Alignment    Liberal
Language       English
Head Quarters     Beximco Media complex, 149-150, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1205.

The Independent paper is very much useful for the political persons in Bangladesh. It regularly covers the political information to us. A politician tries to find all political news for this paper because various political parties are available. They can see the movement and strategy of various political parties and set a process to go to power. A businessman regularly read the paper because there is a business page in the report. The businessmen can find information on trade and commerce, economic growth rate, and countless issues that may depend on their commercial. They need to promote products or services and advertisement is required to promote a product or service. An ad can promote commerce and on the other hand, the clients call also judge the quality and valuation of products or services.

A student can find numerous materials essential for their research and the paper covers all matters that are needed for the students. An English paper is very critical to the perspective of Bangladesh because many students of this country can read and write English very well. It endorses the pronunciation, learning, fluency, vocabulary skill of a student. The students who read English newspapers can be experts in English in fluency and vocabulary skills. The paper writes the career opportunity column regularly. As a result, the people trying to see themselves in a higher position in a profession can keep it for personal development. Apart from a diverse feature in the paper, it also exposes various things of our life such as lost and found news, Tender notice, Share Bazar, insurance news etc.Thus, the paper brings out all kinds of information and we sometimes fall into problems when discussing to someone regarding numerous issues like political, social, national, and international issues. The people who read a newspaper regularly know everything worldwide and can discuss the conversation. It also prints numerous items for kids such as puzzle words, games etc and kids can learn a lot from paper.

In the digital world, the popularity of printing paper may somewhat diminish, but paper’s effectiveness is increased than before. The report takes the important views and news of the country’s general public that is needed to sustain democracy and the country’s development.

Therefore, we can get many advantages from a newspaper; It is one of the best habits to go through the paper because we can obtain in-depth coverage of any topic. It helps people to be acquainted with the current incident that is happening around us. We can go through in-depth any subject, from an unimportant issue to a national problem. 

Therefore, reading newspapers is a must to go forward in development personally, socially and nationally. We cannot think of even a single moment in our life without it. You can choose the Independent newspaper as your news partner because you will find all breaking news, updated information from anywhere in the world from the paper’s online edition. Millions of readers are residing in diverse countries of the world who like Independent newspaper.

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