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Dhaka Times24 Bangla online Newspaper

Dhaka Times 24 is a fast-growing online news portal in Bangladesh. The editor of this paper is Arifur Rahman Dulon. It is published in Dhaka and the paper covers various kinds of features for respected readers. The features are National Issues, Political news, Countrywide, International issue, Special report, Sharebazar, Economics, Law & order, Games & Sports, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Features, Opinions, Interview, Opinions, Education etc. This paper is committed to bringing out a piece of ethical and fair information for the readers. They never compromise with any political party or any man to print false news. 

The paper is very important in the context of Bangladesh to motivate the government and the people of Bangladesh to bring out stability in democracy.

This paper is the voice of Bangladesh, and general people can participate in the dialogue or writing content regarding any issue, whether it be national or international issues. The people want to know about different rules and regulations of government by reading a newspaper. Sometimes administration imposes various policies on the public, and people can understand all matters in the paper. On the other hand, the authority can also understand the grievance, happiness, unhappiness, expectations, and aspiration by the paper as it hoards the people’s news and views of the general public. Sometimes serious national issues arise, and the government can realize the public sentiment in the paper and mold the public. Sometimes we can understand and know any issue very deeply as it takes interview of an outstanding person in the society. It also fetches the social culture, attitude, national integrity, etc. It also removes the social evils by publishing rich content regarding these matters such as superstitions, evils of untouchables, dowry.

The Dhaka Times 24 at a glance

Type Online newspaper
Format  Mobile and web
Editor in Chief Arifur Rahman Dulon
Founded     2013
Political Alignment Liberal
Language    English
Head Quarters 44, Eskaton, Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Websites www.dhakatimes24.com

The power of the paper is unlimited and a paper can change society making and writing rich content. In a democratic country, a paper play like a mouthpiece and it is the representative and counselor of the mass people in a region of nations.The Dhaka Times 24 works for commoners like educators, counselors, guides, friends, and so it maintains truthfulness, sincerity, impartiality, fearless characteristics. The paper gets all freedom in its publication and if it doesn’t maintain fairness in its writings, freedom is worthless. A biased reporting can much harm in the country or region, but the Dhaka times 24 always main to reports everything without biased to any party or musclemen in the humanity


Dhaka Times reporter never colors their reporting or exaggerate to their writings. Yellow journalism can put a community in great danger, and this paper is free from yellow journalism.

The paper is very important in building kids or students to their learning skill, vocabulary skill. The students search many things in the paper for their research work and different curriculum activities. A merchant benefits from a paper by promoting their goods services by advertisement. The advertisements section is the main source of income for a newspaper.  The Dhaka Times has an in-house section to develop an advertisement and present the products or services. People also can know in detail regarding products or services by reading and seeing ads in the paper.

In the fast, communicative world, it is tough to run without paper and online news portals like Dhaka Times 24 can help us see and read breaking news and headlines news of Bangladesh from any time and anywhere in the world.

So, Take Dhaka times 24 as your first choice to see the latest news and not wasting your valuable time.

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