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DMP new is an online news portal of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. The paper mainly focuses on the news of Headquarters and Administration of Dhaka, Crime and Operation Additional commissioner, Detective and Criminals intelligence, Traffic, Counterterrorism, and Transnational crime. Besides this news, the paper also writes about National issues, International issues, Technology, Entertainment news, Lost and found, Job corner, Travel news. Etc. There is other news like Bit Policing – identification of bit policing, Asking the urban people in Dhaka city, Give info and the service, Name, picture and mobile number of every police of Dhaka city. 

There is a feature name Traffic corner and write about Traffic update, Road safety Tips, Important Traffic signs, Daily case reports, etc. Another feature of the page is Press and it contains the news of DMP Market analysis, DMP Press Release, Publications, case follow up, Lost & Found.The Editor’s Name of the paper is Mohammad Faruq Hossein, Additional commissioner, Media, and public relations department, Dhaka Metropolitan Police and Executive editor is Iftekhairul Islam (PPM-service). Additional Dy commissioner Media public relations department, Dhaka Metropolitan police.


DMP news at a glance

Type Online newspaper
Format Mobile and web
Editor in Chief Md. Faruq Hossein, Dy police commissioner, DMP
Executive Editor Iftekhairul Islam, PPM, DMP, Additional, Dy Commissioner, DMP
Asstt, Editor Asstt, Editor : Abu Taleb, Asstt, Police Commissioner, DMP
Founded  2005
Political Alignment Liberal
Language  Bangla and English
Head Quarters : 36, Mintu Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.   


The paper plays a critical role in Dhaka city regarding the law and order situation. About twenty million people reside in Dhaka’s capital city, and then it becomes so harsh for the police to maintain the law & order situation. Lots of offenses, murders, evil works are happening in the city and we become very conscious to know the fundamental fact of any incident or accident. The DMP news portal helps us to serve the real news to its readers. There are other newspapers in the country and sometimes these are biased by any political party or any outstanding man in the society. In this regard, the DMP news portal never fears any threat and does its best to maintain law and order and keep the city in peace. Sometimes we get the news f a dead body that someone has murdered and fell in a place and it may be our relative and we find that news reading the DMP news very clearly.

The Administration has to take various measures to maintain the city and impose different rules and regulations and we can understand clearly by going through the paper.

Digitalization is another wonder of modern science and we can get the advantages by using the online news portal and the DMP News serve very quickly in this regard.

A traffic signal is an essential issue in Dhaka city and every day, many people are entering into the city. They are not trained to move in a megacity and this regard, the traffic police help us move and pass the road. There are Bus drivers, Rickshawpuller, Car drivers and all are not experts and trained to carry. If someone failed to move correctly, the whole city becomes a problem in the trafficking system. It helps very much to search and investigate the different cases and out numerous issues.

So, we must try to read the DMP newspaper to move and live peacefully in Dhaka city.

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