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The Daily Amader Orthoneeti Bangla Share Bazar Newspaper

The Daily Amader Orthoneeti is a daily newspaper in Bangladesh that is published in Dhaka. It was founded in 2011 and it is one of the most widely used Bangla newspapers. Renowned journalist Nayeemul Islam Khan is the Publisher of this Bangla newspaper. There are different features of this paper and among the elements, some are very important for our economy. There are some regular features such as Amardesh (country, Amader Biswo, Khela(world), Islami Chinta(Islam thinking), OmritoKotha(Actualsaying), Binodon, Orbit(Entertainment, Nagar Sonskoron(urban life), Mini Column, Khistiyo Dhorpon(for Christian), Probarona Purnima, etc.

This is generally treated as the business newspaper in Bangladesh. The paper always emphasizes news analysis, views, and opinions on major domestic, domestic, regional, global trade, and other related issues. The report focuses on the competitive, market-oriented economy and is steadfast in promoting its goal. They are also concerned about objectives in an environment in which the public policies should play a facilitator role under a transparent, rule-based system and political growth in the country.

The paper also emphasizes promoting economic and financial literacy by its reader-friendly presentation of news and views.

The Daily Amader Orthoneeti at a glance

Type   Daily newspaper
Format    Broadsheet and online
PublisherNayeemul Islam Khan
Editor in Chief Nasima Khan Monti
Founded    2011
Political Alignment  Liberal
Language       Bengali
Head Quarters  19/3 Biruttom Kazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, Panthopath, Dhaka.
Email   [email protected]

The daily Amader Orthoneeti is committed to serving the interest of its readers and of course general people of Bangladesh. They are very much conscious about the prevailing laws of the country while publishing the news in newspapers and respect people’s rights and dignity of all citizens and never mallighting to anyone whatever and no matter what their social standing is. The daily Amader Orthoneeti enjoys all that is printed in every day and posted on its website.

The newspaper is significant for Bangladeshi people as it publishes news of all political, economic, legal, regional, national, and international news. They are very much keen regarding the political interests of different political parties in The country. Despite existing various media like TV Channel, the housewives of a family mainly choose newspapers and Amader Orthoneeti is very much aware of fulfilling the thirst of its readers. The paper opens the door of knowledge by presenting the news of all people in the country. Therefore wherever you are in the world is not a factor because the paper also has an online version to get all the latest news, breaking news nationally and internationally. You will get the same taste as the printed newspaper if you read the online version of the Daily Amader Orthoneeti. Our request is to choose the paper online or offline and get the latest and updated news of the country and the globe.