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Daily Bonik Barta Bangla Newspaper

Bonik Barta is one of the most important daily Business newspapers of Bangladesh. You can get recent breaking news, business news, financial information, up-to-date trading news, up to date around the world in the Bonik Barta. Like other newspapers, there are two versions of Bonik Barta and one is a printed newspaper and another is an online version. The readers of the papers will get the same taste in the online news portal of Bonik Barta. The name of the editor of Bonik Barta is Dewan Hanif Mahmud and the owner of this newspaper is BizBangla Media Ltd. They are very professional in covering the new business and you will get all news especially the business from this paper.

They especially work on share bazaar and always give the breaking and updated news of share bazaar. Now a day’s one of the important news is what is happening in the capital market and the government always tries to stabilize this market because there is a huge prospect of a share market. Normally it seems that there is no importunacy in the stock market, it plays an important role in the economy of any country. Bonik Barta reporters are very much active to give the readers the latest and core news of the stock market. Business journalism means that it provides us information, people, place, different issues that are really connected with the business sector.  Bonik Barta. The newspaper gives the news to their readers regarding the upcoming share updated and which share may hit the market.

Bonik Barta at a glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Owner(s) BizBangla Meadia Limited
Format   Broadsheet
Publisher  Dewan Hanif Mahmud
Editor in Chief   Dewan Hanif Mahmud
Founded    2011
Political Alignment Liberal
Language  Bengali
Head Quarters: BDBL Bhaban(Level 17), 12 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan, Bazar Dhaka

The paper not only works on business and it gives all the regular news of national and international. There are different features in this paper-like, like style, fitness, economy, campus, entertainment, international, regional news, etc. Newspaper is credible medium than any other media in the market to be trusted and dependent. The Bonik Barta takes the full opportunity to get the credibility of all businessmen.

In the fast communication life, information is available at real-time on the internet and newspaper is facing somewhat threat to the economical matter and adjusting and adapting to the digital world. However, the Daily Bonik Barta is also holdings its importance and there is also an online portal of the newspaper. In this online portal, you will get all kinds of news social, national, regional, business, study, health, economy.

Therefore we can say that Bonik Barta is a great source of all information and you can get all information from its online portal. There are different kinds of newspapers in the market and all newspapers are not reliable and authentic. Among all the online news portals, Bonik Barta is one of the best portals that provide accurately and verified information. Wherever we are staying is not the matter to get the latest and breaking news of Bonik Barta. We must be connected to the online news portal of this paper to be upgraded ourselves. The name of their portal is E-Bonik Barta.