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The daily Shomoyer Alo Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Shomoyer Alo is a renowned Bangla newspaper of Bangladesh. It was founded in 2019 and the editor chief of this paper is Komolesh Roy (Acting) and publisher is Gazi Ahmedullah. This is a very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. The owner of the paper is Amin Mohammad Group, a very renowned Group in Bangladesh. The form covers news for all classes of people in society. There are different features in the popular newspaper. These are about Politics, Literature, Sports, Economic, Movies, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Islam and Islamic life, Religion, Campus, Science and Technology, Law, and different national and international issues. This paper also covers regional news of the country.

They deliver the newspaper to the readers through different media houses and they are always busy giving the paper to the readers’ hand in the morning. A civilized person cannot go a single day without reading a newspaper. He wants the paper before taking tea in the morning because the human mind is always curious to see and read what is happening around him and the world. Hundreds of reporters engaged in different parts of the country like district reporters, Upazila reporters, university reporters, institutional reporters. They collect reports and give them to the chief reporter. The reporter works at the ground level. The reporters, sub-editors, editors, publishers, work with the media houses and new channels. There are also different sections like computer section, report section, editorial section, News section to publish the news very smoothly and send it to the readers.


The Daily Shomoyer Alo at a glance 

Type   Daily Newspaper
Owner(s)   Amin Mohammad Group
Format     Broadsheet and online
Publisher  Gazi Ahmedullah
Editor in Chief   Komolesh Roy (Acting)
Founded   2019
Political Alignment Independent
Language     Bengali 
Head Quarters Head Quarters       : Nasir Trade Centre, 89 Bir Uttom CR Dutto  Sarak, (Sonargaon Road), Bangla Motor, Dhaka.


The editor is the one who mainly decides on what news gets printed and how it must be presented to the readers. The Daily Shomoyerr Alo is very much up-to-date in all respects to smoothly print and deliver to the readers. A team of skilled photographers is also available to aid the reporters. They never publish any biased news. They maintain the credibility of the readers and bring out the in-depth information for the readers. People of all levels can express their views on this newspaper.

An advertisement section in the newspaper advertises different products and services to promote business and essential ideas. The advertisement section is the primary source of income. This paper is cautious to present the ad in the newspaper to encourage business and collect revenue for the management.

In the fast communication world, people are very busy. They get a little time to read printed newspapers and that’s why management of this paper publish two printed and online versions to comfortably and efficiently read this paper. Readers can read an online version of daily shomoyer Alo through a Computer or laptop or even my Android phone. It is straightforward to read online news of this paper. The online information always gives breaking news, the latest news of the country and worldwide.

Therefore, search the daily Shomoyer Alo (e-paper) to get all the breaking and latest news of Bangladesh and the world.



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