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Bangla Insider is a fast-growing and popular online news portal in Bangladesh. The editor’s name of the paper is Sayed Borhan Kabir and the owner of the article is Creative Media Ltd. They publish two versions of the form – a printed version and an online version for the readers. The paper publishes from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. They are millions of newsreaders and visitor area in the country and outside of the country as they post both printed and online version for its readers. 

Almost all kinds of news are presented in the popular daily such as national issues, international issues, regional issues, entertainment news, literature, Life and fitness, Media Gossip, Islam and life, Games and sports, Science & Technology, Interviews of the outstanding person in the society, Political news, Trade, and commerce and there are other sections of information like Jokes, Photo gallery, lost & Found news, exclusive, Helpline, from the Facebook, Law & order, career guide, lifestyle, etc.

Bangla Insider is a vital online news portal in the context of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people are very much interested in the political news of Bangladesh and the paper regularly exposes the political information of Bangladesh and world news. You can find very comfortably from your smartphone what is happening in the country and the world. This paper never misses presenting data of political in this paper. The report keeps us well informed regarding the various matters of the administration like government programs, policies, planning and keeps us well informed about the country’s progress. The newspaper has the freedom to criticize any matter of government as Bangladesh is a democratic country. People have the right to charge and give their opinions in the paper. The government also sees the people’s views and molds the general people and tries to amend the rules and regulations.

Bangla Insider at a glance

  Type  Online newspaper
  Founded  2011
  Format Mobile and web
  Editor    Sayed Borhan Kabir
Owner(s)    Creative Media Ltd
Political Alignment Liberal
 Language English and Bengali
Head Quarters   House # 43(Level-5), Road # 16, new (Old-27),  Dhanmondi-Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh  
News office 2/3, Block # D, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207
Phone 9123677
Email [email protected]

The Bangla Insider is very conscious of exposing scandals, scams, and corruption in our society. The government can properly step by seeing that kind of news in the paper. The people who commit those kinds of offenses become aware of committing such crimes. In the fast, communicative world, it is tough to see daily paper taking so much time. We can very quickly see all kinds of news on our smartphones anytime and anywhere as Bangladesh has a digitalization system almost everywhere.  They expose other features like an advertisement of goods or services, Advertisements featuring sales, marriages, vacancies, admissions, cultural activities, etc.Nowadays newspaper is an excellent source of entertainment. Like other papers, the Bangla Insider also arranges the cartoon, small stories, etc for the kids and they find it great fun seeing such cartoons and small accounts.

The reading of printed newspapers is demolishing due to the internet-based online news portal. All online portals are not reliable and do not provide credible news for the readers. In this regard, the Bangla insider will help you because it offers real-time breaking news and updated news of Bangladesh and all over the world. Wherever you are in the region, accept the Bangla Insider as your info partner to find all the latest and breaking in your smartphone in any time and from anywhere in the world.

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