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Sonali is a very popular and fast-moving online newspaper in Bangladesh. The editor of this paper is Mohammad Younus and the publisher is Tazul Islam. It was founded in 2018 and the paper brings all kinds of news of all professionals in the society. The features are about National issues, Politics, Economics, and in economics, features are about Sharebazar, bank and insurance, Corporate corner, etc. The countrywide is an excellent daily feature and write about all divisional information of Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Mymensing, Barishal, Sylhet, Rangpur. Other features are Entertainment, Sonali Special, interviews, Education, capital city Dhaka, Lifestyle, and other news about Law & order, Health. Abroad life, Science & Technology, Open discussion, Offence, From Facebook, diverse news, women & children, from the paper, Religion Thinking, Job news, Media gossip, Environment, Literacy, Photo gallery, Video gallery etc.  

We are in modern science and this modern science brings very comfort to life. The newspaper in the online edition is also a gift of modern science. We can get easily and very comfortably the latest and breaking news from our mobile phones. We are benefited from reading daily in various ways as it is the storehouse of knowledge. Our breakfast starts with reading newspapers and it may be printed or online newspapers. It enriches our moral and patriotic feelings. We know our culture, traditions by reading papers.It is a powerful tool that may change the general public’s sentiment, and sometimes government imposes various rules for the countrymen and people can very clearly understand from reading the paper.

Sonali News 24 at a glance

Type Online newspaper
Format  Mobile and web
Publisher   Mohammad Younus
Editor in Chief  Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Executive Editor  Saifuddin emon
Founded    2018
Political Alignment   Liberal
Language    Bangla and English
Head Quarters    50, Central road, Dhanmondi, dhaka-1205   
Email, [email protected]
Websites is committed to circulating fair and accurate news for its respected readers. Sometimes it becomes very tough to deliver printed newspapers, but the online paper can help find all breaking news and updated news very comfortably and easily. Various things are happening in the community, and we are very much conscious of the actual reason for the incident. A paper can give us feedback by giving details information. Sonali news never compromises in delivering ethical and actual news. Any political party does not bias them and it always maintains journalism ethic in reporting. The panel of journalists of the paper is very expert in reportings and reporters are scattered in different parts of the country and collect news for the paper and give reports to the chief reporter. The editor of the paper finalizes the report for sending for the final edition.  We can not go ahead without an online news portal in digital life because it gives us information from shopping to national issues. The advertisement section of this paper is very efficient and presents the goods or services in a decent way to promote the service or products for business people.

So .it is clear that it a newspaper is the reflection of a society and we can very shortly and comfortably find all kinds of information from a paper. All papers are not credible, and so we will accept the Sonali news as our info partner because it gives all breaking news, and we don’t have to waste time seeing many papers.

We can find all reliable data of Bangladesh and worldwide from any time and anywhere in the world.

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