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The Daily Observer Bangladeshi English Newspaper

The Daily Observer is one of the leading and oldest English daily newspapers in Bangladesh. The editor of this paper is Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury. It was founded in February 1, 2011, and published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The publication of the paper was stopped in 2010. There is a long history of this paper. It was published in 1949 and its name was Pakistan Observer. The paper played a significant role in Pakistan’s context and brought the public news and views. After the independence in1971, it was named Bangladesh Observer and was published by Bangladesh Observer Group. The paper was running very smoothly and expressing the grievance of the general people of the country, and once upon a time it was declined and stopped its publication in 2010. Then Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury took initiation to bring back the paper in the name of the Daily Observer under a company named auspices of Observer Ltd.

The directors of the paper are Mostafizur Rahman, Yousuf Abdullah Harun, Maksudur Rahman, Dr Jamshed Saniyah Ahmed Chowdhury, Md Akram Hossain Humayun, Faridur Reza Sagor, Shaykh Seraj, Salauddin Ahmed, Salina Ali, Md. Shahidul Ahsan, Mahbuba Helen, MD. Yasin Ali, Mir Moshasaraf Hussain, A K M Shahid Reza, MD Kamal Uddin and Mashroor Hossain. The paper writes content regarding all kinds of information needed in our daily, nationally and international life. It writes about National issues, City Mews, Editorial, Business, Games& sports, science & Technology, Countryside. Some features are like Women’s own, Book review, Literature, Observer Tech, Life & Style, Law &Justice, Health & Nutrition, young observer. Politics, Crime & court, Don’t miss, Education. It also brings other features of the nation and international issues like Photo features, Event, incidents and others.

The Daily Observer at a glance 

 Type Daily Newspaper
  Founded February 1, 2011
 Format Broadsheet and online
  Editor Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury
  Publisher Observer Ltd 
Political Alignment Liberal
  Language English
 Head Quarters   93, Motijheel C/A (2nd floor), Dhaka-1000
  Email :  [email protected] : [email protected][email protected]

The paper’s slogan is “We stand for people’s right” that means that it is committed to upholding the right of the people and never biased to any outstanding person or musclemen in society. The reporters of the paper are scattered in a range of regions to collect the views and grievances of the county’s general public. The chief editor has the right to accept or cancel a report or story collected by the journalist. The chief editor mainly hires the editor of the paper, and he may also fire the same. The advertisement department works with the advertisers and presents the goods or services” to promote trade and commerce and collect revenue for the management. You will find diverse ad categories in the report and the ad set up in the paper’s content. The paper has an in-house graphic designer to make a beautiful advertisement to present in the paper because the collection money for the management mainly depends on the good advertisement and circulation by which revenue is collected to run the office. This department has a price list to set up rates for varied commercial and also discount options. The daily observer impacts very much in the political arena of Bangladesh and political news is a must in this report. The readers can tell their problems, grievance and tell their opinion of any content a propose social or national issues. 

It also exposes jokes, stories, cartoons for the kids and the kids are very happy seeing and reading these types of jokes. The students and kids become expert in general knowledge, reading English pronunciation, learning skill, vocabulary skill etc. In modern we cannot think a single day without information and almost all paper carries online edition to smoothly and comfortably reach the maximum coverage of publications. In this way the daily observer also circulates online edition to cover the maximum and a lot of people are if a range of countries especially Bengali people who are dwelling outside of the country visit the online edition of the paper and regularly give their opinion in unlike regional, national and international issues. The expert and legendary journalists write content for the paper, and people and government find the solution of national issues from the content. Rich content can change the scenario of any incident and change the government’s rules and regulations to fetch public opinion from its content. On the other hand, general public also can say their opinion directly in the report. Thus, a democratic country like Bangladesh can sustain and stable democracy. 

The world is like a village due to digitalization. We find all news around us and in the same way, we get world news within a moment by the online portal. You don’t need to look for many papers for news of Bangladesh and the universe because you can find all the information from the daily observer’s online edition (e-paper). After all, it circulates breaking news, updated news of Bangladesh and of the whole world. 

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