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The Asian Age Bangladeshi English Newspaper

The Asian Age is another famous English Daily publishes in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It plays an essential role in the political, social perspective of Bangladesh. The editor in chief of the distinguished newspaper is Dr. Jesmin Chowdhury, and Advisory editor is Selim Omrao Khan and the editor in charge is Nadeem Kadir. A panel of professional journalists is ready to serve all national, regional, International information to its respected readers in the country and all over the world. An elite class and educated person start their day with a cup of tea and the Asian age paper. The management of the article is committed to giving out the actual information. They search the core point of an incident by their qualified reporters to bring out the truth for the interests of the general people of Bangladesh.

The paper carries information about all classes of people in society. They write about national issues, International issues, Entertainment, Movies, Health & Fitness, Literacy, Traditional matter etc. There are different features in the daily and main components are regarding Asia, City, World, Business, Global Business, Share Market, Commercial capital, Sports, Countrywide, Entertainment, Inscription, Editorial, Lifestyle, Reciprocal, Teens & the Twenties, Special supplements, Tech, In Vogue, Food & Nutrition, Global Business etc. As it expresses all about, its circulation is increasing day by day and millions of page viewers and visitors are in many countries worldwide. 

The Asian Age at a glance 

Type Daily Newspaper
Founded 2011
Format Broadsheet and online   
Editor in chief  Dr. Jesmin Chowdhury
Advisory Editor Selim Omrao Khan
Editor in charge Nadeem Kadir
  Publisher Md Alamin Chowdhury  
Political Alignment Liberal
Language English
 Head Quarters SR Tower, 49 old Airport Road, Tejgaon, Dahaka-1215
Email    [email protected]  , [email protected] , [email protected]

The Asian Age becomes an integral part of an elite class and educated group of people in Bangladesh. The literacy rate is increasing heavily in Bangladesh and newspaper readers are also growing day by day. The print media and online media visitors are also increasing. We get all sorts of news of our daily life in the paper and as a result, we cannot think even a single day without reading newspaper, whether it is in printing or online. A business person cannot start his day without it because there is lot of business and trade, economy news in the paper and their loss or profit depends largely. He or she can forecast his plan to make a profit or extend their trade. This paper regularly covers up promotion reports for its respected readers.

On the other hand, the business people present their products or services by advertisement and target the sale to promote business. The clients also get variations in the sequence of products or services in the promotional offer and they are also benefited. The paper also presents the announcement very smoothly and decently to the customer. The advertisement is the primary source of income of a newspaper. The people of Bangladesh are very much interested in politics. This paper regularly and in headline news show up all the political information and the various parties can set up their strategy and plan for future development and go power in the country. A patriotic feeling is very significant for a country to go ahead with development. It concentrates on the culture and traditional things of the country and patriotic feelings are created in the minds of people that is very much needed for the improvement of a country. Thus, it raises the morale of the countrymen and patriotic feelings to enhance the own motherland. We find examples in the liberation war in 1971 that most papers encourage freedom fighter to fight against West Pakistan to achieve freedom for the motherland. 

There is also an educative value of newspapers like the Asian Age because some features are imposing for the students. They can be very expert in English learning, vocabulary learning, fluency expertise etc. The students who are habituated in reading newspapers in their childhood become very responsible citizens in their adult age. Public awareness is also a key factor for a country for the progress of any region or country. As the paper put out the everything like political situation, social development, healthcare, economy, national crisis, mass education, political crisis, disaster and as a result, the general public be converted into alertness concerning their right and responsibility to the country and participate in diverse activities of their own land.

Mental recreation is necessary for overall development and it may be of personal or countrywide. This paper arranges sports, media, lifestyle, fashion etc for the increase of intellectual increase of country.

Therefore, The Asian Age is essential in our daily life and there are two versions of this paper printed version and an online version. Millions of online page viewers and visitors are of the famous paper. The online version gives all breaking news, Headlines news of the country and world news and wherever you are in USA, UK, Australia, Arab Countries or any other countries in the world, you choose The Asia Age (e-paper)as your information partner to get incidents of Bangladesh and worldwide.

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