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Somoyerkonthosor Bangla online newspaper

Somoyerkonthosor is a fast-growing and vial online news portal in Bangladesh. It was founded on 13 June 2013 with a program along with poet & literature Azizur Rahman Aziz. The advisor editor’s name of the paper is Aminul Islam Bedu and the publisher is Ahmed Toufiq. The daily publishes in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. There are various categories of features in the article. The featured talk about Oporadh chitro (column of offense), Chitro bichitro (diverse picture), Jana ojana (known & unknown), Science & Technology, etc., categories of news is Countrywide, Islam, Your Health, Top News etc. It exposes popular news like talk of abroad life, taste in the internet, generation thinking, and village life information. The other topics are Information Museum, Arts & literature, Womwn &childred, Solution of problem. There are different categories of this daily such as Main page, Breaking news, News of the country, Islam, Offence, Open discussion, Economics, Storytelling, Lifestyle, early death every day, information of a renowned person, good news every day etc.

Somoyerkonthosor aims to educate, inform and entertain the general people in the country with honest and impartial info. We are in a digital world, and many incidents are happening in our locality and the world. It is very tough to know everything, but our politics, business, trade & commerce, and education mainly depend on real-time receiving basic information. We fall into numerous problems without real-time info. The online newspaper helps us providing real-time data all around us and of the world. We should know the country’s economic, political and social situation to update ourself as a responsible citizen. We can get all kinds of updated info from the somoyerkonthosor. Sometimes national or international issues arise and we have to discuss a lot regarding that issue. We find all matter from the paper to discuss the importance of essential issues.

Somoyerkonthosor at a glance

 Type Online newspaper
  Founded  13 June 2013
  Format Mobile and web
Founder  Md Azizur Rahman  
  Editor  Aminul Islam
Publisher  Ahmed Toufiq
Email: office Email: office :    [email protected], [email protected]
Phone (news) Phone (news) : 0168-2790971. 0181-5301302, 0171-5098745
Phone (query) 01711-333095
Phone (comm) 01757622202, 01711-976466
Political Alignment Liberal
Language  Bengali
Head Quarters House # 67, (Daulat khana), Block # Ka, (2nd floor), PC Culture  Housing Society, Shaymoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.
Phone (News room) 02-222286408, 02-01714-066044, 01714-066045

Another advantage of the newspaper is that if one goes through the paper regularly, they can increase their vocabulary skill, learn a skill, and develop him to go ahead in the future. General people of the country are very much interested in political issues and they can know and learn more daily. It gives us a better idea regarding the politics of the country and all over the world. It is professional documents that have a minimum chance of false or unethical matters.

The science and technology column shows us the different inventions; discoveries day come daily in the world. So newspaper is must run a better, responsible and smooth life and for better tomorrow in politics, business, career, science & technology, health issue, etc.

In the internet world, many online-based portals are available and all daily does not provide accurate and trustworthy data.

 So, you have to choose an impartial newspaper like somoyerkonthoisor to find all sorts of information about Bangladesh and the whole country within a few seconds. This report always brings the breaking news, updated news of Bangladesh, and world news and you can see it on your smartphone at any time and from anywhere in the world.So, don’t delay choosing the somoyerkonthosor as your info partner for all types of data of Bangladesh and the whole universe.

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