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The Bangladesh Today Bangladeshi English Newspaper

Bangladesh Today is one of the reputed national daily newspapers in Bangladesh. It publishes in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded on 26 January 2002. The editor of this paper is Md Jobaer Alam, and Publisher is also the same. It has been serving the nation for long seventeen years. The report stated its journey with the commitment to fearless, investigative, informative and independent journalism. The management of the paper is committed to serving the nation by providing actual news using modern technology. That is why they started to express online edition of the report to reach the maximum readers and different countries of the world.

They regularly dispense print edition and online edition paper and cover almost all kinds of news for all classes of society. The features that they periodically publish regarding breaking news, entertainment news, Games & Sports, Lifestyle, Politics, Movies, Special reports, Traditions of the country, Culture etc. The journalist panel of this management works very efficiently to bring out the actual news from the field. They have another motto to build a bridge between various Bengali residing in diverse countries of the world. They recruited many journalists in the districts, Upazila, in institutes to cover up all kinds of information. They bring knowledge and try to go to the core of an incident so that the general public can know the real matter of any incident or issue.

Bangladesh Today is the voice of the people and it plays a very vital role in the political, social, national perspective in the country. It works as a bridge between the government of Bangladesh and the general people of the country. It is the voice of available people. People of the country come to tell their views and grievance to the paper and learn about government rules & regulation, policies, programs etc. As a result, democracy is sustained in the country. Government can also realize the views and grievances of its countrymen. Thus, the paper makes a good relation regarding regional, national and international issues. It helps to make a public sentiment and public opinion and the government can take necessary steps for plan. The rich articles of legendary journalists take part in an essential role in this matter closely.

The Bangladesh Today at a glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Format Broadsheet and online
Publisher  Md Jubaer Alam
Editor in Chief  Md Jubaer Alam
Founded 26 January 2002
Political Alignment Independent
Language English
Head Quarters BTTC Building, (Level-3), 270/B, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka- 1208
Email editor

Sometimes we find the interview of outstanding personalities of our civilization that matter regarding any national or regional issue. The paper works as a watchdog to sustain the democracy and rights and privileges of the general people of a region or country. It can change the social cultures, attitudes that are not welfare for our civilized life. Its efforts as a special instrument of our national integrity, unity, harmony, and solidarity remove all kinds of evils such as touchable, superstitions, dowry, communalism, etc. The power of the press is unlimited. Some musclemen sometimes try to misuse the press to satisfy their own interests and stop the labor movement. Still, Bangladesh Today never compromises their ethics and never tries to express any information biased to a special man in the region or country. It stays with the appropriate men in society.

A paper not only acts a voice of the people, it is like the mouthpiece of the mass people. So, we can say that a paper’s function is like a guide, counsellor, educator, representative. Bangladesh Today is also acting as a representative and it is very truthful, sincere and fearless. A government makes policy, rules & regulations to run the country and people can discuss and give their opinion with the paper. The press should be very much impartial and we should encourage them to express their voice without any fear of effort between fellow citizens and government. The paper reporters are sincere, maintain ethics and are never biased to any person’s interest. The paper exposes what is right of the people as it is truly loyal too its commitment. Today, Bangladesh is a paper that never colors or exaggerates its news as the reporters and top management are very committed to their profession.

Bangladesh Today regularly brings out print editions and online editions to cover the maximum area of their information. The online edition gives the breaking and updated news of Bangladesh and world news. In the fast communication world, we are very busy and we have to main the paper with the online report. So no need to see various newspapers to look for updated information because you will find all from Bangladesh Today (e-paper) . So, wherever you are in the USA, Canada, The UK, Germany, Middle East, or any country in the world, you click the online edition of Bangladesh Today to update Bangladesh and world news information.

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