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Bangladesh Journal Online NewspaperBangladesh Journal is a very important and influential online news daily in Bangladesh. The editor of this paper is Shahjahan Sarder and the publisher is MD Anwar Hossain Khan. The paper plays a very vital role in the context of Bangladesh. The paper circulates various info for the welfare of Bangladesh and the overall development of the country. The main features of the paper are regarding Bangladesh, International News, Games & Sports, Science & Technology, Literatures, etc. Bangladesh features to talk about Districts and Upazilla, Village life, Urban life, etc and international news covers of India, Asia, Middle East, America, Europe. The Games and sports write about cricket, football, tennis, Volybol. The name of a feature is Jibon Shilpa (About life), and other features of literature are Fashion, Cooking, Buying, history and traditions, Tour & travel. The Science & Technology expose of Mobile, Tech, Games, Apps, discovery etc. There are other features in the paper such as Opinion, Women, Today’s newspaper, Interview, Senior citizens, Reader’s column, Exclusive etc.

In modern life, the especially online newspaper is very important to us all. We can not do anything without information. The importance of this online paper is inevitable because we can easily know the breaking news and headline news by clicking on the Computer Laptop or even smartphone. It works as a source of information and knowledge and online newspaper made the world smaller. The paper is very significant in raising patriotic feelings, the cultures, traditions of a country and the Bangladesh journal very smoothly expose the Bangladeshi cultures and traditions in the paper. A government doesn’t know the public feelings and grievances without information. This paper helps to know the public facilities, sorrow, etc by exposing the mass people’s info to the paper.

Bangladesh journal at a glance

Type  Online newspaper
Format  Mobile and web
Publisher   Anwar Hossen Khan
Editor in Chief  Shahjahan Sarder
Executive Editor    Saifuddin emon
Founded     2017
Political Alignment Liberal
Language    Bangla and English
Head Quarters Head Quarters : Rupayan Khan Plaza, Level -7, House # 500/A, Rd  # 7, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205 
Email         [email protected]; [email protected]. , [email protected]
Phone    02-9662107,01705407080

Another function of the paper is to promote publicity. The paper also works for social and commercial publicity such as news of local communities, News of laws and projects, prayer timing, Railway timings, airline timings etc.It is very useful for the kids and students because it circulates various supplements for the students and students can also realize and find many materials for their research works. General people don’t know anything without newspapers and it is a good means of publication for mass people. People can realize their rights, political situation, healthcare, social development, national crisis, economy and as a result, the people become very much conscious and aware regarding their responsibility. Bangladesh journal is an unbiased daily in the country and an unbiased paper can make the people more conscious and responsible. Thus, the paper acts to exercise true democracy in the country.

Sometimes we are bored in the solidarity hours and in the journey time and at that moment it works as entertainment. We are very crazy to concentrate on sports, media, lifestyle, fashion on paper. There are various papers in the country and all papers are not good to get ethical and unbiased news. 

In this regard, Bangladesh Journal is very helpful in publishing ethical and unbiased data for all kinds of people. You can choose this paper as your info partner for all kinds of news because it updates the breaking news and headlines info of Bangladesh and the whole universe and you can get within a second by your smartphone at any time and from anywhere in the globe.

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