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The Daily Amar Sangbad Bangla Newspaper

The Amar Sangbad is a Bengali daily newspaper of Bangladesh. It was established in 2012 and the editor of this famous newspaper is Hashem Reza. The paper is published from Dhaka. They publish printed versions and online versions for their readers and covers news of all levels of people in society. There are different kinds of features in the renowned newspaper. Among the elements, the essential features are Bangladesh, Countrywide, International, Politics, Opinion, Business, Economic, Games, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, special report, Literature, Science and Technology, Religion, Career news Abroad life, and others. As the paper covers almost all kinds of news, its circulation is increasing day by day. Its regular page is twelve and there are 4 colors generally used in the paper. The top management always tries to bring out the actual news and they never highlight to anyone whether he or she is a very dominant person in the society. It is regarded as one of the 10 ten newspapers in the country.

Newspapers play a vital role in the political arena of Bangladesh because there are about 100 political parties in the country and they get policies, news of different parties and set up their strategy. The Daily Amar Sangbad tries to bring out all the political coverage in the paper. There is a business page in the form and as a result, the businessmen also benefit from it because they get many business reports and economic reports. They also present their product or service’s advertisement in the newspaper and promote their business. 

The students also read newspapers for research work and get benefited. The kids who are habituated to reading newspapers at an early age become very responsible citizens at the adult age. The daily Amader Sangbad also brings out the oppression and sorrows of the poor people in the country publishing the regional news and tries to give facilities showing their oppressions to the government. 

The daily Amar Sangbad At a glance

Type   Daily Newspaper
Format         Broadsheet and online
Publisher    Hashem Reza
Editor in Chief   Hashem Reza
Founded       2012
Political Alignment liberal
Language     Bengali 
Headquarters    71, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000.
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The people are very much busy in the fast communication world and they get a little time to see the printed newspaper, so they always see news on the online version. The Daily Amader Sangbad also has an online version for its readers. You can get all information such as breaking news and the latest news, from the online version of Daily Amar Sangbad. or simply Amar Sangbad receives near about 60000 pageviews daily from its unique 10000 daily visitors. The paper is hosted on the IP address unknown in unknown, XX. The estimated worth of dollar 6614 and rank is 101068 as per global Alexa.

Therefore, there is no need to look at more newspapers to see the breaking and latest news because you click on the online version of daily Amar Sangbad (e-paper) and will get detailed information all around you.

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