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The Business Standard English Newspaper

The Business Standard is a renowned English Daily In Bangladesh. It is published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The owner of this paper is Horizon publication Ltd. The editor in chief of the fast-growing paper is Inam Ahmed and Executive Director is Shahriar Khan. There is an experienced panel of journalists and reporters in the management. They bring out the core information from the field and serve the nation with credible reports bulletin and are never biased to any outstanding person or muscleman in the society. It focuses on business news not only of Bangladesh but also overall worldwide. They publish selective international news and many other things like Syndicate, Mint, Foreign policy etc. The paper covers almost all kinds of reports of the countrymen. Besides business reports, it also covers the various matters of our social, national and international life. The features are about the business, National issues, regional issues, international issues, Entertainment, Movies, campus, Health and fitness, Lifestyle, Economics, Games & Sports, Economy, Stocks, Analysis, World biz, Infographics, Interviews, Thoughts, Science and Technology, Magazine, Supplements etc. They maintain the journalism ethic in their reports and never gives any false reports that may hamper anything. The journalist of the paper are very loyal to their profession and never colour or exaggerate their assignment. Some journalists practise yellow journalism in the country and worldwide that may destroy public rights. Still, they are committed to serving the nation by providing ethical content for the overall development of the country.

The Business standard at a glance 

TypeDaily Newspaper
FormatBroadsheet and online
EditorInam Ahmed
Executive EditorShahriar Khan
Managing EditorKhaled Masud
Deputy EditorTitu Datta
Feature EditorMubin S Khan
Chief News EditorHarun or Rashid
PublisherSyed Manjur Elahi
Political AlignmentLiberal
Head Quarters4/A, Swid Bhavan, Eskaton Garden, Dhaka-1000
For advertisement email[email protected]
Opinion articles email[email protected]
Phone+8801847 416158 – 59

The Business standard’s reporters are scatting almost everywhere in the country such as districts level, Thana level, numerous institute, government offices and send almost all credible news to the chief reporter and chief reporter see all things and send to the editor in chief. The editor in chief read almost all the reports and finalizes them for printing. The businessmen very much like this paper because reports of all trade-related are in the paper. There is an advertisement section in the paper, and the traders and merchants present their goods or services in the paper and promote their enterprise. On the other hand, the primary source of income of the paper is advertisement and revenues are collected by presenting commercials in the content. 

The expert content writers write their rich content to the paper regarding the industry-related issues, loan-related issues, banking, insurance, small trade, enterprise, employment in Bangladesh etc.

The Business Standard, like other newspapers globally, publishes two versions of the paper for its respected readers. As a result, the readers can very easily and comfortably go through the paper from anywhere in the world and participate in views and articles of the paper, providing articles or content by email. It’s liking paper, especially trade-related people, read it very much.  So, wherever you are in the globe, it does not matter to overlook the manuscript’s content. Millions of readers and well-wishers are in diverse country in the universe. You don’t need to see lots of paper for instant and updated of all around us.  .It would be best to see the Business standard (e-paper) from anywhere and anytime because its online edition brings out breaking news, headline reports of Bangladesh and world news.