Bbarta24 – বি বার্তা২৪ | Online Bangla News Portal Bangla online news portal is an online news portal in Bangladesh and the editor’s name is Bani Yasmin Hasi and the paper publishes in Dhaka. It covers almost all kinds of news for the readers. The main feature and information are about political news, national issues, international issues, regional issues, Entertainment news, Health and fitness, Lifestyle, Games and sports, Special reports, Countrywide, worldwide. On the other hand, the paper takes rich content from the expert and renowned journalists regarding any national or international issue to realize the matter. The paper’s editorial page is vital like other papers because it always talks about the essential elements of the article. 

The other features of the report are Opinion, Offence, Education, Talk of abroad, mail from the readers, Sharebazar, Career News, From the blog, Arts and literature, Law & Order, Religion, Capital City Dhaka, Archives, etc. The online news portal works as a moving mirror of the world and it very quickly provides us the news of the world and, of course, around us. There are many professional ar in the society and everybody needs paper to know the current information that is happening all around us. Students read in school, college or university, and they get a confined knowledge by completing syllabus work in the school. But f they read the paper can realize a lot that is unlimited. A student can know the customs, culture, traditions of a country by reading and seeing online news portals. Bbarta24, com is committed to bringing out the tradition and culture of Bangladesh very clearly. at a glance

Type Online newspaper
Format Mobile and web
Editor in Chief   Bani Yasmin Hasi
Founded  2018
Political Alignment Liberal
Language Bangla and English
Head Quarters Padma Life tower (level -11), 115 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,  Bangla Motor, Dhaka-1000   
Email     [email protected], info@bbarta24
 Phone  02-8144960, 01972151115

We must have to know our country’s political condition and this online paper very clearly show up the various meeting and strategy of a politician of many parties. The government imposes many laws on the countrymen, and the people of a country have the right to know details regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the laws. The never misses bringing out all government rules and regulations to the general people in the country. We can quickly realize the advantages and disadvantages of government rules by reading by paper means that we are shutting down and we would not be able to take numerous facilities nationally and internationally.

Some printed and online news portals in the country circulate false and inaccurate news to the country’s people. As a result, the region hampers a lot. Still, this paper is very much conscious of publishing ethical and accurate information so that mass people and the country may go ahead with the help of excellent and real-time news.

The always tries to maintain journalist ethics in their reporting. The management of the paper has a well set of reporters and journalists to bring out info from the field.

So, wherever you are, take a reliable paper-like to find instant news of Bangladesh and world news.