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Bangla Tribune is a very influential online newspaper in the country. The paper takes part in a vital role in the political, national and international arena of Bangladesh. The Editor of this paper is Kazi Anis Ahmed and publisher Zulfiqur Russel. It was founded in 2013 and Dhaka Tribune is the sister concern of this paper. There are various features of this renowned paper and try to bring out news for all classes of people in the country and main features are about National issue, Politics, Countrywide, Exclusive, Business, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Education, Games and Sports, Life, Literature. The literature feature’s programs are poems, Small stories, serial stories, news of new books, Interview of readers, Gifts, Video clips, Special collections, reviews, literature Galleries, etc.

The world is changing day by day. With the world, Bangladesh is also moving forward and the young generation of the country is the main asset to go ahead the country. Bangla Tribune is the right place for the young generation to say their voice against the unethical matter and they can also participate in various development subjects of the region and share their views.

The Bangla Tribune at a glance

Type   Online daily newspaper
Format    Mobile and web  
Editor Kazi Anis Ahmed
Editor in Chief  Zulfiqur Russel
Founded    2014
Political Alignment  Liberal
Sister concernDhaka Tribune
Language       Bengali and English
Head Quarters  FR Tower, 8/C Sukhrabad, Panthopath, Dhaka-1207
The owner (s) 2A Media Ltd

This paper’s editorial never compromises to express real things to the public and arrange a public debate. The youngsters can participate in this regard. The reporters collect info from the field and give it to the chief reporter. The chief reporter analysis all the reports and send them to the Editor in chief to finalize the contents.   The paper is always with the sovereignty, democracy and in favor of our liberation war and never compromise with the ethical matter and ethic in journalism. The Editor’s motto is to develop the country, keeping sovereignty, equitable, secularism.  They are very serious in civil rights, human rights to all classes of people in the country and never biased by any special person in the region or any political party. The modern world is the communicative world and no man can do anything without proper info. Correct information and proper time are very much needed to do a job very successfully.

 A politician needs the information to set their plan for the next step. The people of our country are very much interested in political news and this paper regularly covers up political news. The traders are also very crazy to have information on products or services to gain their business. The paper also helps the merchant to advertise their products or services presented in the paper by advertisement. They have their in-house designer to make the advertisement very lucrative to the clients and the advertisement section is the main source of their income. The writer and journalist of the paper are very renowned and they publish rich content and as a result, it can meet up any political issue of the country. On the other hand, sometimes regional, national or international issues come that are very serious and we want the solution and rich content that can help solve the problem.

We find city news, national news from diverse media and sometimes miss regional news. The paper reveals the grievance, unhappiness, sorrows of the oppressed of distinct parts of the country. As a result, the poor and people who are always deprived of getting minimum facilities from the country’s administration can be benefitted. Many newspapers, magazines, print media, and television are in the country and all media are not reliable. We cannot depend on the media for accurate information, but in this context, the Bangla Tribune contributes much publishing ethical, accurate, dependable info to the public. Among some online news portals and online edition papers, the Bangla Tribune maintains its uniqueness. You can get all the breaking news and updated information about the country and the whole world.

So, take this online news portal as your first choice to update yourself and the world. Millions of people are visiting the site of the paper to find all kinds of latest info. So, no delay, click the Bangla Tribune and know worldwide, especially Bangladesh.