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Agami news is another fast-growing online newspaper outlet in Bangladesh. The founder and editor’s name of the paper is Dr. Nim Hakim. The office of the daily is at New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The report brings almost all kinds of news in the paper to all classes of people in society. The name of the features of the paper are Travelling, Opinion, Campus, Arts & Literature, Lifestyle, Top News, Dream, etc. The paper’s slogan is “unnoyone gonomadhyom” which means the mass media can take the initiative to develop a country. The paper’s management is like a family and tries to focus on politics, business: video gallery, National and international issues. A panel of youngster reporters collects information from various fields. It never compromises with any political group or people to circulate false news and maintain journalism ethics in all sorts of reporting.

It works for the mass people in the country and tries to bring out the sorrows and grievances of the oppressed people who generally reside in the village and slum areas of the city. The administration in a country realizes their problems reading this news portal and takes the initiative to do something special. There is a column to write up news, views of this man and they have the right to tell the government as Bangladesh is a democratic country. Politicians are also very interested in going through the paper because the strategy and information of various parties are covered up.

Agami news at a glance

TypeOnline newspaper
FormatMobile and web
FounderDr. Neem Hakim
EditorDr. Neem Hakim
Email office[email protected], [email protected]
Political AlignmentLiberal
HeadquartersHouse # 409 (4th floor), Road # 29, New DOHS, Mohakhali,
Phone (News room)02-222286408, 02-01714-066044, 01714-066045

The business page of the paper contains all kinds of business-related news like share bazaar, economy growth, general goods’ price ups& down, world business and the businessmen can find that news in real-time in the paper and can take decision promptly. You can promote your services or products by advertisement in the form and there is a price list of ads with a discount option. Thus, the businessman also gets benefits from the Agami news in various ways. On the other hand., clients of any product or service can compare their quality, service, price by reading the details of the advertisement in the paper.

Another function of the paper is to remove illiteracy because e the report informed the people of all kinds of policies, their rights, etc. They realize everything and can demand the authority to get their rights.

Agami news works appropriately to make awareness to the general public. Sometimes national or international issues arise regarding politics, religion, etc., and the country’s people are divided into two or three parts. In this regard, this paper works as a link between the group and the government. They have scope to express their news, views, happiness, unhappiness, grievance, sorrows and renowned content writer writes content regarding that issue, and people read content and sometimes stop their grouping. The government can also realize the public sentiment and take proper steps to control it.

In the modern world, no one can move without correct information at the appropriate time. In this regard, an online news portal can contribute a lot by appropriately serving data of all sectors because people of every profession need to make timely decisions. Only a dependable online news portal can give you that scope because you can find all sorts of news from the online portal very quickly. You can use your smartphone or computer, or laptop to go through the paper. Therefore, you can choose Agami news to get all kinds of information about Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshi are in the world residing out of the country read the Agami news to get breaking news, updated news of Bangladesh.