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The Daily Jugantor Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Jugantor is one of the top 10 newspapers in Bangladesh. The management demand that this is the second-highest newspaper in Bangladesh. It’s clear that it is the best selling newspaper in the country. It was founded on February 1, 2000, and within a very short time won the heart of the readers including sophisticated readers due to presentation, in-depth news, and also rich content. It is popular all over the country especially in rural areas and its slogan is “Sotter sondhane Nirvik”. They don’t only publish printed copies, they also publish epaper (www.ejugantor.com) that gives the readers the same flavor as printed copies.

They publish an extremely funny supplement namely “Bicchu” and other supplements are “Protimoncho”(Crime scene, Ghore Baire”(Lifestyle), “Jugantor dot com”(Technology), “Tara Jhilmil”(entertainment, “Sahitto Samoyiki”(literature), “Sajon Somabesh”(Readers organization, “Suranjana”(women page),” Chakrir khuj” (jobs corner), Prakriti o jibon”(environment and life), “Islam o jibon”(Islam and life), “Khelar Mela”(sports), “Shastho Kushol”(Health), etc.

They maintain the highest level of journalism and try to go in-depth about any news instead of taking the traditional role. They always get inspiration from their readers and they are also duty-bound to satisfy their readers’ thirst to get the actual information. Not only news, but they also publish supplements of different styles, entertainment and as a result the readers are increasing day by day. They have another online poll for their readers and readers have to answer “yes” or “not” and thus known as “Jonomot Jorip” is very popular. They are also experts in showing the different problems of government through cartoons. They also publish news of sports lovers and publish the news of Cricket, Football, Tennis, hockey, etc. And they have a page for sports. They also publish news for film lovers and give the news of actors, actresses, film publications, drama news, program schedule, etc. They have another page for the students and publish news of practice sheets, lesson sheets, etc. They are also very much aware of publishing the news nationally and internally like economics, relationships, etc. They have a good reputation for true news.

The daily Jugantor at a glance

Type Daily Newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Publisher Salma Islam
Editor in Chief Saiful Islam
Founded February 1, 2000
Political Alignment Liberal
Language Bengali
Head Quarters K-244 Progoti Sarani, Kuril,(Biswa Road), .
Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka-1215
Owner(s) Jamuna Group
Circulation 300000
Websites www.jugantor.com

There are so many topics of jugantor online news and they publish news of all class of people. The topis that they publish are National News, Politics, national Economics, International News, World News, Games, Technology, Bisso Shikkhon,, Lifestyle, Entertainment, capital, Ekdin protidin magazine, Reporter, Dristi Bataborton, Islam and Jibon, Sojon, Somabesh, Social media, Literature, Proyojon, Doctor query, Chitra bichitra etc.

The daily Jugantor always provides the news of national and international on time. You can know the news and views of all news about national and international sitting in the drawing-room and seeing only the Jugantor newspaper. Technology makes our life very easy and simple and Jugantor always updating the technology base news. The newspaper plays an important in our modern life and even we cannot think even a single moment without updating actual news and the daily Jugantor is always conscious regarding the actual news of the society.

The Bengali word (Jugantor” means a new era and like this, the Jugantor newspaper is working to reveal a new era in society. It has a nice version, namely E-jugantor that is very popular with all. Its print version is about 300000 and the online visitors are more than 1 million. Its online portal is very much popular in Bangladesh. About 992532 people like the Daily Jugantor on Facebook.

Therefore, we can say that it’s a vital newspaper in Bangladesh for its in-depth news, true news, and also for publishing different kinds of topics. The rank of Jugantor worldwide is # 1306 and ranked # 5 in Bangladesh. There are about 213000 online visitors and about 1030000 viewers every day in the popular daily Jugantor newspaper.